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Here at Bespoke we are fortunate enough to deal with dream bikes and amazing customers on a daily basis.

Our build gallery documents our favourite builds in glorious detail, showing off every component, every subtlety of finish and every exquisite design element. Visit the gallery for inspiration for your own dream bike.

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Two floors in the heart of the City offering our 4D Fit system, sales and servicing.

Please note: The Farringdon store is now CLOSED.

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Check out our latest news, new product reviews and find out details of special events.

Read our training tips, learn about the finer points of biomechanics and bike fitting, check out  our rides, new builds and more.

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We're proud to be the world's leading Parlee dealer, hosting the worldwide launches of both the Z-Zero and the ESX.

Parlee's engineering expertise shines through in the quality of their bikes - made with superior craftsmanship and delivering unrivalled handling.

Our expert fitters will ensure that you get the perfect fit for the perfect Parlee from Bespoke, your own precision-made carbon frame in the paint scheme of your choice.

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Bike Fitting


We believe that a bike fit is the best investment you can make in cycling. At Bespoke every bike purchase starts with a fitting session, and we also do fits for existing bikes. Everyone can benefit from a bike fit, from commuters to racers - it's not just about performance but about comfort, efficiency and injury prevention. Our fitters use 3D motion capture to get incredibly accurate data, but that's just one element in the toolbox. What sets us apart is our interest in biomechanics: A physical assessment ensures that we don't just adapt the bike to suit your current position, but look at your ideal position and help you work towards that goal.

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