Q36.5 is an extreme vision of the future of competitive cycling clothing.

Q36.5 is less a brand and more a vehicle for continuous unrestrained experimentation and innovation. Each piece of clothing in the Q36.5 Essential Collection is an uncompromising piece of technical equipment for purist riders who can appreciate the difference.

Q36 Top

Founded in 2013.

Based in Bolzano, Italy.

Q36.5 Absolutely equipment

Q36.5 is an extreme vision of the future of competitive cycling clothing

The dream of Luigi Bergamo, upon founding Q36.5 in 2013, was to create an iconic product that represents what the future of cycling clothing could be. Q36.5 collaborates with elite Italian textile partners to develop the most efficient cycling fabrics in the world. The use of proprietary high-quality fabrics developed specifically for use in cycling clothing combined with the radically essentialist cut and styling of the garments, allows Q36.5 to produce some of the lightest cycling clothing in the world.

This is an extreme vision of the future of cycle clothing. Where weight is never the objective of the design but the result. And the fabrics and pattern in your hands are too experimental to produce a truly democratic result. Q36.5
is for riders who can feel the difference. Absolutely equipment.”

For more on Q36.5 read our interview with Luigi Bergamo HERE.

Salopette Dottore L1

Q36-5 Salopette Dottore L1

Q36.5s top of the line bibs, weighing just 160g.

Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Pinstripe

Q36-5 Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Pinstripe

A high-performance minimalist Jersey with a pinstripe of real silver thread.

Vest L1 Essential

Q36-5 Vest L1 Essential

From the very beginning of its history the gilet was developed specifically for Professional riders as the maximum expression of versatility and essentiality…

Base Layer 1 Sleeveless

Q36-5 Base Layer 1 Sleeveless

Knitted on Karl Mayer machines for the purest expression of seamless technology. Body temperature stability guarantee >22°c

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