A huge company means huge investment in research and development.

With probably the best range of in-house componentry on the market, Trek bikes perform brilliantly at every price point, from entry-level to raceworthy.

Project One lets you make your bike your own with custom paint and your choice of build kit, from groupset choice to bar tape colour!

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Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA



Core Areas:

Road, Mountain, Cross, MTB


When we first announced we were going to be stocking Trek in 2010 some felt we had abandoned our obsession with only stocking 'boutique' products. But there was a simple and very powerful reason why we wanted to work with Trek; they make amazing bikes!

From the Tour winning Madone, to the Speed Concept (commonly considered the world's fastest TT bike) to their award-winning mountain bikes, Trek have a breadth of world-class products that few manufacturers can match.

Furthermore, in terms of bike fitting, we love working with Trek as they have invested a vast amount of engineering muscle into producing a size run that is amongst the most comprehensive in its class. For instance the Madone comes in three different head tube heights (known as H1, H2 and H3).

Much as Parlee do with their sizing, it means that we can specify a frame's top tube and head tube height independently of one another. So if you need to have your bars higher than a 19 yr old neo-pro, we do not have to resort to flipping the stem and putting in lots of spacers. Instead we can spec a H2 bike and get the bars exactly where they should be.

As such there are no performance or aesthetic compromises. The end result is far more adjustability in terms of fit options, meaning that you get a better bike. And with Trek's size and purchasing power they represent incredible value for money at every level.

Project One

A particular area of excitement for us is Project One, which is Trek's incredibly comprehensive custom build configurator. We have been appointed one of only a handful of flagship Trek Project One dealers in the UK.

After a fitting we will be able to spec you the right Trek frame size, head tube height, groupset (including crank length and cassette ratio), wheelset choice, stem length, handlebar shape, handlebar width and saddle type. And then you can choose from a number of stock, or elaborate custom paint options.

In summary, you have a choice of frame models that suit for your budget, have a full choice over the bike geometry, its components and its appearance - and what could be more Bespoke than that?

In 2013 Trek broadened the Project One range to include MTBs, as well as the existing road range. We're pleased to have been on board right from day one, so whether you're after a customised road or mountain bike we can help.


Trek Emonda

The Emonda is Trek's lightweight model. And it really is incredibly light - the headline grabber is the SLR 10, at just 4.65kg for a complete bike (that's a 690g frame).


Trek Madone

The future is now.
Madone is the ultimate fusion of power, aerodynamics, ride quality and integration. There are no two ways about it: the first true super-bike is a marvel of road bike engineering.


Trek Domane

The Domane is Trek's "Endurance" model. Designed for long days in the saddle, less-than-perfect road surfaces, or just a bit of extra comfort.

Speed Concept

Trek Speed Concept

Trek's most aerodynamic bike, for Triathlon and Time Trialling. A pure speed machine.

Emonda ALR

Trek Emonda ALR

Lightweight aluminium perfection.

Boone CX

Trek Boone CX

The Boone is fast, smooth and light with CX race geo. The IsoSpeed decoupler, found also on the Domane among others, adds a realm of unrivalled comfort so you can just concentrate on pounding the course.

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