With a rich history going all the way back to 1985, Yeti are one of the most respected brands in mountain biking.

Yeti is the real deal.

Yeti Detail

Based in

Golden, Colorado, USA



Area of expertise


Materials used

Carbon, Aluminium


Yeti is a place where people linger around and recount the carnage from our lunchtime ride.

The culture at Yeti is defined by the people who roam the hallways. Yeti is decidedly not corporate, it is a place where you would feel comfortable. Our offices are cluttered with bike magazines, new parts waiting to be tested, and tons of bikes clamped in bike stands ready for their next ride. We have creative types, number crunchers, vegetarians, craftsmen, hockey players, fly-fishermen, bearded guys, cue balls, hunters, pierced stuff, ink, punk rockers and even a minister in our ranks. They ride all kinds of bikes. It is their collective experience that makes our bikes different.




The new Yeti ASRC is a cross-country race machine with an enduro alter-ego.


Yeti SB5C

The SB5C is our interpretation of what a trail bike should be — lightweight, great pedaling uphill and a screamer going down. This bike will make you smile.


Yeti SB6C

The SB6C was built as a pure enduro machine and proved it’s mettle before it went into production, winning two consecutive rounds of the Enduro World Series.

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