Cycle to Work Scheme

We offer our own Bespoke Cycle Scheme, as well as participating in the two largest national schemes.



We are enthusiastic supporters of the cycle to work scheme, which gives savings of around 40-50% on new bikes and accessories (dependent on tax rate).

We can provide bikes to suit all budgets, but whatever you're spending you'll benefit from our exceptional levels of service and attention. Why go to a high-street 'big box' retailer when you can have truly Bespoke service and support, before and after purchase? Even if you already own a bike, this is a great cost-effective way to add another to the stable.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Aged 16+
  • Company employee
  • Pay tax via PAYE
Pay just 7% & keep the bike forever.

Bespoke Cycle Scheme

How It Works

  • Employee selects bicycle and accessories then decides on the amount they want to spend. They then fill out an employee hire agreement.
  • Employee takes completed hire agreement to their HR Department, who will review the application and, if approved, will countersign the agreement.
  • HR Department then pay Bespoke Cycling the full amount, as agreed.
  • Bespoke Cycling send the Cycle Scheme Voucher direct to the employee.
  • Employee brings voucher to Bespoke Cycling and redeems it for bicycle and accessories.
  • HR Department instructs Payroll Department to reduce employee’s salary by the amount stated on hire agreement for the next year.

Alternative Schemes

We also accept vouchers from the main national cycle schemes

Your employer may already offer a scheme - if so there's no problem, we can accept vouchers from both of the major UK operators.

Read more about the schemes at and or contact us to talk through the options.




What is salary sacrifice?

It's when you give up part of your salary in return for a benefit or a service. As such this benefit can only be enjoyed by employees. Company partners or those who are self-employed cannot participate.

Is it just for commuting?

Riding your bike to work must be the primary purpose, but it's perfectly legitimate to use it for leisure and fitness too.

What bikes are eligible on the scheme?

Any of the bicycles from our brands (including Specialized, Trek, Parlee, Colnago, Look, Moots, Pinarello, Firefly and Eriksen) are eligible for the scheme. From £500 hybrids to £10,000 super-bikes and everything in between.

Who owns the bike?

It belongs to the employer until the Hire Agreement expires, 12 months from the start date.

What happens at the end of the hire period?

The initial hire period is one year. At the end of the year you have three options:

  • The employee can choose to buy the bike and equipment outright at a Fair Market Rate (which HMRC has set at 25% of the Voucher value for anything over £500).
  • The employee can simply hand the bike and equipment back and walk away.
  • By far the most attractive option for the employee will be to choose to extend the hire period by paying Bespoke Cycling a refundable deposit of 7% of the value of the voucher. The extended period lasts for 3 years and at the end of the extended period the ownership of the bike can be transferred to the employee for no additional cost, or the employee can return the bike to Bespoke and receive the deposit back.

Bespoke Cycling to Work Scheme > Post-Hire Process

Employee wants to keep using the bike.


Employee sends bike back to Bespoke.


Employee has two options for continued use.

Employee wishes to pay minimum additional cost.


Employee must pay a much higher valuation to take ownership and pays flexible 25% of certificate value.


Employee pays a 7% deposit and signs an “Extended Use Agreement”. Agreement ends up to 3 years later. At this point Bespoke may offer ownership to employee.

Employee wishes to own the bike.


Employee sends bike back to Bespoke and their deposit is refunded in full.


Bespoke retain deposit and confirm employee as owner of bike. No further payment required.

Download a guide to your options at the end of the initial period (PDF format)

How do I return the bike?

If you do not want to sign the Extended Use Agreement you must return the bike to Bespoke Cycling (first notifying us of your intention to do so). Once the bike has been inspected and confirmed as the Original Hired Bicycle as specified in the voucher an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you.

How often can I take advantage of the scheme?

Once you have enrolled in the scheme you must wait until the end of the 12 month Hire Period before you can apply for a new voucher.

Can I choose more than one bike per voucher?

Your employer's specific policy will determine this. However current legislation does not prohibit choosing two bikes provided they are both for work. For instance you may have different routes you take to get to work (i.e. in summer and winter) which require different functions from a bike. Furthermore you may require a Road Bike for commuting on city roads and a Mountain Bike for commuting on rural roads.

How much will I save?

Your savings will depend on your own personal tax situation. You will not make any income tax or N.I. payments on the amount set aside for salary sacrifice each month. For lower rate taxpayers, this usually equates to about 32% of the bike’s retail price. For higher rate contributors, it will be around 42%. Top rate taxpayers can save 52%.

What happens if I leave my job?

If you leave within the 12-month hire period, you will pay a termination fee. This will be equal to the sum of the outstanding hire payments. However you will not be able to make tax savings on the outstanding amount and it will come out of your final net pay. If you have entered the Extended Hire period the agreement is with Bespoke Cycling and not your employer, hence if you leave your job it will not affect your Cycle Scheme.

What will it cost my employer?

Absolutely nothing. Bespoke Cycling will charge nothing to administer the scheme. And that's not all - enrolling in the scheme will actually save the employer money. As the employee's gross salary is reduced via the salary sacrifice, the employer benefits by reducing their own Class 1 National Insurance Contributions by up to 13.8% of the value of the equipment supplied.

Isn't cycle-to-work capped at £1000?

Not if your employer takes out a Consumer Credit Licence (Category B). We can assist in this simple process. With the licence there is no capped limit.

Is running a cycle-to-work scheme complicated?

Not at all. It's easy to set up, and we'll provide full support at every stage. There's a simple Hire Agreement form to fill in, and we will work directly with your employer's HR department to ensure the admin is kept to an absolute minimum. You and your employer can contact us directly with any questions.

Sounds great. How long does it take to set up?

We can be up and running within a week of first contact.