Muc off chain optimisation at Bespoke Cycling

Muc-Off work with some of the best teams and riders on the planet to dial in their chains. Think INEOS Grenadiers, EF Education-NIPPO, Canyon//SRAM, BMC Pro-Triathlon, and Team GB.

Over the years, they have refined their processes to keep results sky-high, powering their teams to consistently take wins at 10 Grand Tours, gold medals at the last 3 Olympic Games - and three UCI Hour Records.

Now this same technology is avaialble to consumers, and here at Bespoke Cycling we are proud to offer chain optimisation with every new bike purchase and full premium service.

The Process

1. The chain is sprayed with a dry degreaser and wiped down with a microfibre cloth to remove loose dirt and any previous lubricant.

2. Using Muc-Off's Ultrasonic Tanks, we place the chain into the first cleaning tank for 10 minutes which emits high-frequency sound waves that pulse through the cleaning liquid. This disolves any dirt out from within the chain links (even new chains are prone to dirt collection).

3. After 10 minutes the chain is removed and both sides are agitated with a detailer brush.

4. The chain is then placed back on the opposite side in the cleaning tank for a further 10 minutes.

5. After removal the chain is cleaned with fresh warm water and then dried with an airline.

6. Dry degreaser is reapplied over the chain and wiped with a microfibre cloth.

7. The chain is then soaked in the lubricant bath for 10 minutes, allowing the lubricant to adhere to all of the chain surfaces including deep within each roller and link.

8. After removal from the bath, the chain is allowed to air-cool for 15 minutes.

9. Finally the chain is installed on the bike and is ready to ride.

10. Top up the lubricant only every few months with the Muc-Off lubricant. We will reccomend the right lubricant to use when you collect your bike.

This process improves drivetrain efficiency by up to 50%, meaning a faster drivetrain and smoother, slicker shifting. Alongside this the in-depth cleaning and lubricating process ensures that the chain life is extended and the efficiency is maintained through the life of the chain.

Importantly the optimisation process is a sustainable one. The High-Performance Ultrasonic Chain Cleaner is readily biodegradable, Ludicrous AF is made of 75% plant-based materials, and Hydrodynamic lube is petroleum-free, meaning the fluids from tanks can be safely disposed of.

We made the decision to introduce Muc-off's chain optimisation process here at Bespoke Cycling as we believe this level of attention to detail should be expected and demanded on high-end road bikes.

Muc-off chain optimisation is included with every premium new bike build and service here at Bespoke Cycling.

You can email us for you more information or even better, drop in store and see our highly skilled mechanics at work.