New Bike Fitting FAQ

You charge for the fit, but also claim its free. Explain...

Very simply the appointment has a fee. However if you order a bike from us within 30 days of the fitting the fee is credited against the purchase.

In other words you're getting all the benefits of a full bike fit at no additional expense.

What is the difference between a new bike fit and an existing bike fit?

Very simply, if you already have a bike you want us to make fit better, choose the existing bike fit.

The fit will be done on your bike and will adjust it to make it fit like a glove (new handlebars, stem may be required).

If you are looking for a new bike and want to start with a blank sheet of paper choose the new bike fit and we'll do the fitting on our fully adjustable jig.

This gives us full flexibility to get you in your perfect position and then we can advise on how to replicate this position on various road bikes

I want a new bike; Do I choose New Bike Fit or Essentials?

Our flagship fit is the 3-hour New Bike fit and Consultation. If you are looking to spend £3000 and over this is the session for you. The fit is very comprehensive and you will get your fit credited in full against the purchase of bike within 30 days.

Our Essentials bike fit was designed for clients looking to spend less than that and/or don't want such a detailed, time-intensive fit session. So the Essentials fit will spend less time on body assessment. The majority of the time is on the jig getting you in an ideal positon for the new bike.

It's still a very thorough process, and as long as the bike purchased is more than £1500 the fit is credited in full.

I have seen a bike 10% cheaper online; how can you claim to be competitive?

The old chestnut of the difference between price and value applies. Bikes are not perfectly fungible; there are differences. Even two identical stock bikes - one set up perfectly and one not - will ride differently. Spoiler alert: the one set up better will ride better and thus be the better bike! The specification may be the same, but the performance and comfort will be different.

Add in the fact that we'll swap bars, stem and saddle free of charge, where required, for the perfect fit and the overall package is competitive and offers real value.

Explain why you swap parts. What does it mean and why does it matter to me?

Stock bikes out of a box are fantastic. In this day and age they are all good, and great value for money. But the brands need to make assumptions, so they may assume that if you order a size 56cm bike you are 'medium' and thus will have 'medium shoulder width' which means 42cm bars. And they assume will need a 100mm stem.

However you may be narrower than norm and actually need 40cm bars, but with great flexibility and thus prefer 110mm stem

If you buy a bike off the shelf you will be stuck with the standard parts and only after a number of miles will you notice this discomfort and then decide to get a fitting. And the fit will cost you £250 for the session, and then the bar swap may be £50-100 and same for the stem. So you have no spent £300-400 making the bike fit you (as opposed to you having to fit the bike)

Whereas if you had bought the bike from Bespoke; there would be no fitting charge (as its credited in full) and the handlebar and stem swap was free of charge. So you have saved £400 by buying at Bespoke.

I have done a fit elsewhere; I don't want to pay for a new bike fit

Remember, although you pay for the new bike fit, it is credited in full against your bike purchase.

Okay, but will you accept other fitting reports to sell me a bike?

Ultimately you are the client and if you want to use existing fit data we can do so. But our preference is to start with a clean slate so that we have 100% involvement & accountability.

I have not done a fit yet, but got 3 bikes in my head. When I emailed you to ask which you thought was best you declined to answer without the fitting. Why?

In our opinion anyone who comments on the suitability of one bike over another without ever seeing the rider in question is doing the potential client a huge disservice. It would be very arrogant of us to say which bike is better for you based on a short email.

We never give advice on bike suitability for a specific client without first doing a full bike fitting. After the fitting we will have a full understanding of your sporting history, previous injuries, levels of flexibility and core strength, cycling aspirations, targeted events and ideal bike contact points. In other words - we know a lot about you!

And it's only after that process we feel qualified to give you proper advice - we have a detailed understanding of you as a rider and thus can then match you with the perfect bike

I still have questions!

That's great - we're always happy to help and to share our knowledge and passion for bike fitting. Simply email us and we'll be happy to talk you through the options in more detail.