We're in a new era of tasteful cycle clothing - gear that's designed to perform, but also to look (and, importantly, feel) better than ever before.

7Mesh are at the forefront of this movement - their stated aim is for everything they make to fulfil four basic requirements: Light, Durable, Functional, Beautiful.

Modern developments in materials and construction mean that these requirements need no longer be mutually exclusive, and the 7Mesh range is proof of that.

They have some of the most attractive colour options currently available, but what really impresses is the attention they've paid to fit and feel. It's quite possible to build an entire 7Mesh outfit from head to toe, but they work equally well as part of a more typical mixed outfit.

Refreshingly they also give equal priority to their men's and women's ranges. Each individual item is designed from scratch for the best fit and performance, the women's range isn't simply a different cut or colour.

We're big fans of their range, and find that the Canadian-inspired designs work particularly well in UK conditions too.

See the range in our online store and buy online (with free UK delivery on orders over £100).

Every 7mesh product embodies our design ethos: Streamline design and deliver simplicity without compromise. Remove, rather than add, to achieve our goals.