Handmade in London; Stylish, modern bikes crafted from classic materials.

Framebuilding has been undergoing a renaissance in recent years, particularly in the UK, and we're thrilled to welcome London's ISEN Workshop to the Bespoke lineup.

Their handcrafted steel and titanium bikes have been taking the world's bike shows by storm, not just for their immaculately finished construction but also as a result of their stunning in-house custom paint schemes.

But it's about a lot more than surface appearances, and when we choose to stock a new brand it's as much about the people as the product. ISEN founders Caren and Matt share our passion for tailoring bikes to the individual. Each ISEN is unique, and draws on their experience as framebuilders (Hartley Cycles and Talbot Frameworks). Our own obsession with achieving the perfect fit means that there's no such thing as an 'off the peg' bike, and ISEN match that with their emphasis on matching their tubing choices, material and geometry to each individual frame.

As they say "Describing a feeling is like a riddle that we are trying to solve, and the often quoted mantras of the bike trade of carbon is stiff or steel is tough and titanium is springy sound snappy, but essentially meaningless when you have control of the specifications for each one!"

We don't just design in the UK, we build every frame here, from raw materials & tubing to finished bike

ISEN Workshop

ISEN choose tubing from Reynolds, Columbus and Dedacciai, tailoring it to suit the requirements of the particular model and frame size. Smaller frames are built to accomodate 650b wheels, and not just the geometry but the tubing selection is matched to ensure the desired ride quality and stiffness.

When it comes to paint, you may not have realised that you were in the market for some sick candy fades, but that's because you hadn't seen ISEN's #sikcandyfadez®. Colour blend fades are incredibly hard to pull off, but ISEN have made them their speciality, and they're perfectly judged with a beautiful selection of colours.

Just check out the photos here, they're stunning. All paint, no stickers or decals, and lacquered for protection - ISEN do all their paintwork in-house and can even provide colour-matched components.

Each frame features an individually handcrafted brass head badge, a lovely touch that really highlights their personal touch.

Their distinctive asymmetric brake bridges are also individually finished to fit each frame, bringing increased stiffness and strength to the rear triangle, together with a uniquely stylish appearance. Form and function, with a handmade frame you can have both.

We operate as a small, highly skilled team who are all involved in every aspect of the production of every frame. To maintain quality and make sure we have full control over the product we deliver, we do everything in house. Four separate people will be involved in building your bike, and every day they all eat lunch at the same table in Mitcham.

The Bikes

All Season Gravel

The same spec as a standard All Season but with slightly increased clearance to accommodate a 650B x 48 mm tyre. Basically an All Season for those that want less road and more gravel! Frames 53cm and smaller come with curved seatstays, all part of the ISEN process of tailoring the bike to suit the size. The increased frame clearance limits the use of ultra narrow Q-factor road cranks such as Cannondale SISL-2's, this is generally not a problem if you're wanting the more gravelly end of the spectrum, but worth a mention.

All Season +

This is the All Season's better looking big sister. Aimed at fast-packing and off-road adventures. It has clearance for 700c x 47 mm or 650b x 2.1" tyres. As with the All Season it comes in a fine-tuned mix of Reynolds, Dedaiccai and Columbus tubing, adventure bosses, the new Columbus Futura Cross+ carbon fork (complete with adventure bosses too, and internal dynamo routing). Rack and mudguard mounts aren't standard but can be added as an upgrade as required.

The Classic Road

This is basically our answer to the classic steel road bike. Similar in function to our Race Ready Road, but with a more classic look and feel. Comes with a 1 1/8th head tube and a Columbus Futura Super Light fork. Made with Reynolds 853 and Columbus Spirit and life tubing. It has the same geometry as the R3, with slim diameter tubing and caliper brakes only, so will take up to a max 28c tyre. The slimmer profile tubing gives a more forgiving, all day ride quality.

The Derelicte

This a fun all-rounder; part commuter, part beater, part off road adventure machine! This bike will remind you of those early 90's MTBs you dreamed of, long and low with nimble handling, but equipped with all the modern standards. It comes with a steel fork, adventure bosses, mudguard and rack mounts, 12mm thru-axle front and rear and a PF30 bottom bracket so you can run it single speed or geared. Designed for use with flat or Jones style bars. Made from Columbus Zona and Dedacciai tubing.

The Materials


ISEN now offer all their models in Titanium, (apart from The Classic Road which would be too noodly with it's narrow tube diameters!). The geometry and tyre clearance specifications are the same as the equivalent models in steel, and tubes profiles and diameters have been selected to maintain the ride characteristics of each of their models.

They are built with the best Ti bicycle tubing available in a mix of Reynolds 3/2.5 seamless double butted tubing, and Dedaiccai, with Paragon Machineworks frame components and Reynolds 3D printed thru-axle flat mount dropouts (All Season, Gravel & +, R3 disc). An All Season frame in a 55cm weighs approx 1300g. And most builds will shave at least half a kilo off the steel equivalent.

A benefit of Titanium is that it doesn't need protecting from the elements in the same way as steel, so in addition to the standard paint options, raw, custom part raw/part painted and custom anodized finishes are available.

Stainless Steel

ISEN offer all models in a stainless steel option (apart from the Mountain G.O.A.T.).
The specifications are the same as the equivalent models in steel. They use a mix of Reynolds 953 and Columbus XCR tubing, chosen to maintain the ride characteristics of the equivalent models in steel whilst shaving off a few grams and giving you protection from the elements. Similarly to Titanium raw, custom part raw/part painted and custom anodized finishes are available.


All ISEN models are available as standard in steel. They choose the best from Reynolds, Columbus and Dedacciai to suit the particular requirements of each bike, taking into account ride quality, stiffness and frame size.

See more of ISEN's superlative build quality and finish in our detailed photosets, here in the Bespoke build gallery.

To discuss your own individual ISEN build, contact our Bespoke bike fit experts, who work hand in hand with the ISEN team to ensure that your new bike is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

We also have ISEN bikes on display at Bespoke Gresham Street - come and take a look, grab an award-winning coffee from our in-store baristas, and see them for yourself.

photos by ISEN, and by Bobby Whittaker at Bespoke