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Winter cycling gloves

The Bonka is specifically designed for winter riding; to both prevent heat loss from the hands and to protect them from cold and moisture. Assos have gone to great lengths to ensure that warmth is achieved without excess bulk, so they won't compromise grip and feel when shifting gears or braking.

The bonkaGlove_evo7 can be used alone, or layered with liner gloves (separately available) for additional insulation (or overgloves for additional wind and water-proofing).

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Colour: Block Black


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The Bespoke View:

In the summer I wear lots of different brands. Come winter time and 80% of my riding is wearing Assos. Now is not the time to mess around! These gloves are perfect and you can ride for 4 hrs+ in freezing conditions whilst having toasty fingers. These are the best winter gloves I have ever owned. - Barry


  • Technical fabric on the back with airBlock and water-repellent treatment.
  • High thermal resistance.
  • Multi-density wadding with thermostatic function.
  • Abrasion resistant palm with grip function.
  • Low volume neoprene cuff to fit perfectly, avoiding heat loss or interference with your jacket.

Size Guide:

Measure the circumference of your palm, at the widest point at the base of your fingers (see illustration at left for example):

  • XXS: 17cm
  • XS: 18cm
  • S: 20cm
  • M: 22cm
  • L: 23cm
  • XL: 24cm
  • XLG: 26cm

Assos say: We recommend that you verify your size to maintain maximum thermal efficiency. A too tight glove compresses your hand and slows blood circulation. A too loose glove allows warmth to escape."