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In the depths of winter a good pair of insulating tights are the way to go. But in mixed conditions they're often simply too much of a good thing.

Kneewarmers are a practical solution - small and light enough to easily stow away in a jersey pocket, but providing that all-important insulation for your knees when required.

It's a simple product really, and Assos have wisely chosen not to make any unnecessarily fancy choices here. They're constructed from their mid-weight RX Light material, which insulates without overheating and is extremely breathable (it's also nicely stretchy, which gives a more comfortable fit whilst reducing the chance of slippage).

Of course being Assos these aren't simply tubes of fabric... they're both anatomically and asymmetrically cut; The outside of each leg (left and right specific) is cut a little higher for added comfort and stability, and the design - whilst simple - follows the contours of your leg to prevent bunching at the rear.

A great way to extend the usefulness of your bib shorts into cooler conditions.


Size Guide

Colour: Block Black



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Size Guide:

Assos Knee Warmers are available in three sizes; 0, 1 & 2.

The best way to size them is either from your overall height, or if you already own Assos shorts, we've provided a comparison in the chart below.

Knee Warmer Size 0 I II
Rider Height <169cm 170-185cm >186cm
Assos Shorts Size XS-S M-L XL-TIR