Assos Rainglove_evo7 Gloves


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Waterproof gloves for year-round use.

With grippy palms to keep a secure hold on the bars even in the wettest conditions, these slimline neoprene gloves provide essential wet weather protection.

The snug cuff sections keep water from running into the gloves, and are cut long enough to fit neatly under a long-sleeved jersey or jacket.

What you don't want in a cycling glove is excess bulk, which can compromise grip and make it harder to handle controls. The soft neoprene material Assos use here ensures that you still have full control, whatever the weather.


Size Guide

Colour: Black Volkanga



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Size Guide:

Measure the circumference of your palm, at the widest point at the base of your fingers (see illustration at left for example):

  • XXS: 17cm
  • XS: 18cm
  • S: 20cm
  • M: 22cm
  • L: 23cm
  • XL: 24cm
  • XLG: 26cm

Assos say: We recommend that you verify your size to maintain maximum thermal efficiency. A too tight glove compresses your hand and slows blood circulation. A too loose glove allows warmth to escape."