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These gloves are part of the Assos Spring/Autumn range, designed for cooler but not extremely chilly weather.

They offer protection from wind chill, without adding too much bulk and without risk of overheating. Ideal for when summer gloves aren't enough, but it's not cold enough to break out the heavily insulated winter gloves.

The stretchy elasticated fabric makes these a particularly comfortable fit, and combines with the brushed inner surface for a cosy yet unrestrictive feel. They also make for a great "base layer" glove underneath waterproof overgloves, or under thick winter gloves as an extra layer of insulation.

A grippy pattern on the palm and fingers ensures a secure grip on the bars even in damp conditions.

A very neat touch are the conductive pads at the tips of the thumb and index finger, which mean you don't need to take off your gloves to check your phone.


Size Guide

Colour: Black Volkanga



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Size Guide:

Measure the circumference of your palm, at the widest point at the base of your fingers (see illustration at left for example):

  • XXS: 17cm
  • XS: 18cm
  • S: 20cm
  • M: 22cm
  • L: 23cm
  • XL: 24cm
  • XLG: 26cm

Assos say: We recommend that you verify your size to maintain maximum thermal efficiency. A too tight glove compresses your hand and slows blood circulation. A too loose glove allows warmth to escape."