CHPT./// - Arm Warmers 1.91


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  • Castelli Thermoflex High Loft Fleece
  • Reversible cuff
  • Reflective strip
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David Millar says:

"The colour has been chosen to interchange with both colourways of the 1.11 short and 1.21 jerseys. The material is Castelli's Thermoflex fabric, a step up from the Roubaix fabric that most companies use.It has a slightly tighter knit with higher loft fleece that happens to be more stretchy. This is useful to cyclists, as we often have to make contortionist moves when searching around to get into our jersey's rear pockets. Or lift a coffee to our mouth. Or reach down to pull our socks up. Or adjust our shoes. That sort of thing.

There is elastic at the top to hold them in place, and a turnable cuff with the Rosso Fuoco reveal and a reflective stripe at the bottom (our little attempt to help those times you get stuck too long in a café and have to race home before it gets dark).

Arm warmers are a little easier to take on/off than knee-leg warmers. Just pull them on or off; try and align the seam so that it runs right through your elbow in a straight line. And please, make sure there is no skin showing between the sleeve of your 1.21 jersey and the top of your 1.91 arm warmer."

Size Chart:

CHPT3 Warmer sizing relates to your jersey/short size and your body weight. Please note there is crossover between sizes.

It's always better to go a size smaller than you think with warmers as you want them to be snug fitting.

Suggested Warmer Size S M L XL
Rider Weight in kg 45-60 60-70 70-80 80+
Usual Jersey/Short Size S-M S-M L-XL XXL-XXXL