CHPT./// - Bodywarmer 1.71


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Chpt.///'s stylish take on the cycling gilet, the "Bodywarmer" is like a cloak from bad weather to be carried in your back pocket.

The Bodywarmer uses the lightest form of weather proof, breathable materials and has a higher neck than most designs. Premium Windproof Event® ultra light fabric with unmistakable Chpt./// styling.

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David Millar says:

"Don't Leave Home Without One - That's what we call these in the UK. Well, that's what I used to call them till I became a cyclist and started calling them gilets. One of the first rules I learnt as a pro was to never leave home without one; it was as important as spare tubes and a multi-tool.The 1.71 Body Warmer does what it says in the name while feeling nearly weightless due to the materials used:

FRONT - 70g/m2 eVent windproof breathable fabric, the same used in the 1.41 K61 Rain Jacket.

BACK - Highly water-repellent stretch woven fabric, the same material used to make the magic swimsuits that smashed world records (in other words, water will be rolling off your back like the proverbial duck's).

The combination of these two materials means protection and warmth on the front and enough breathability on the back to let the sweat out while being nearly waterproof throughout. There is an 8cm collar, as my experience has shown that a high neck simply makes you feel more protected and warmer, and two pockets on the back, as sometimes you're forced to wear it for longer than anticipated and it's good to have access to supplies if needed, although because of the minimal construction you'll want to keep heavier stuff in the inside jersey pockets. Like the 1.21 Jersey with its understated look, it is designed to last longer than fashions.

The 1.71 Bodywarmer will become an essential part of your cycling life for years to come. Make the middle back pocket of your jersey its home."


CHPT3 clothing uses a tailoring system for its sizes. They use the physical chest or waist size as the garment size, i.e. if you have a 40" chest you need a 40" Jersey.

Please note while the CHPT3 range is not specifically designed for racing it is still a close fitting athletic design suitable for active cyclists.

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