CHPT./// - S/S Jersey 1.21


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For the cyclist who doesn't want to be a moving billboard, this is the most stylish jersey we've seen. Not just a fashion piece, this is a very well thought out jersey with some superb detailing, and in a super lightweight fabric which makes it ideal for layering all year round as well as solo use in the height of summer.

  • Super lightweight (50g) fabric
  • Tailored details
  • Buttoned collar
  • Six pockets
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David Millar says:

"The material of this jersey is lighter than any race jersey I've ever used. It's unable to be used by racing teams because it can't be printed upon, therefore making it impossible to carry a sponsor's name. Obviously this is no longer a concern for me.

We've given the jersey a more tailored cut, darting the front panels and sharpening the shoulder's edge, a shape more akin to a shirt rather than a t-shirt. The collar is buttoned, giving the jersey a higher and more substantial neck and so making it look sharper and a little bespoke.

There is a collarbone button to fasten the collar flap if you decide having it buttoned up is unnecessary. There is a storm-flap pocket on the front big enough to fit your credit card or hotel key card. The central rear pocket is designed to carry a Rocka 1.61, and the stitching on all the pockets is reinforced in order to cope with the occasional times they're stuffed full.

There are two mesh pockets on the interior rear of the jersey to carry warmers if needs be. When racing we'd often stuff unwanted clothing up the inside of our jersey; this is a more refined version of that."


CHPT3 clothing uses a tailoring system for its sizes. They use the physical chest or waist size as the garment size, i.e. if you have a 40" chest you need a 40" Jersey.

Please note while the CHPT3 range is not specifically designed for racing it is still a close fitting athletic design suitable for active cyclists.

Inch 36 38 39 40 41 42 44
cm 91.5 96.5 99 101.5 104 106.5 111.5