CHPT./// - Winter Socks 1.52


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In the shoulder seasons of autumn and spring, as well as through the winter, extra insulation for your feet is always welcome. The key for cycling socks is warmth without excessive thickness, so that your shoes can fit snugly and efficiently.

The beauty of this merino wool blend is that it provides warmth without bulk, the addition of silk gives great breathability and a luxurious softness, and ceramics provide strength and durability where required.

That's a lot of technology for a sock, but as you'd expect from Chpt./// they're also stylish enough to find their way into your everyday wardrobe.

25% Merino Wool / 5% Silk / 40% Polyester / 10% Polyamide / 20% Elastane.


S/M - Euro 36-39 (men) / Euro 35-38 (women)

L/XL - Euro 40-43 (men) / Euro 39-41 (women)

XXL - Euro 44-47

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David Millar says:

"As odd as it may seem, wool socks were only recently reintroduced into the professional peloton. Their reappearance may have gone unnoticed, as they came in team colours, making them almost indistinguishable from the standard-issue socks, yet their increased performance in cold conditions was very noticeable, making them a favourite three-season sock for many racers (probably not a good idea to wear them in the height of summer).

The upper part is constructed with a mix of merino wool and silk for softness, and the footbed is made of the ceramic material I've always liked (I'm still not sure what it does, but it does it well). While the socks are designed to be worn on the bike, we kept the colour palette subdued so you can wear them off the bike as well, with a pair of jeans or a bespoke Timothy Everest suit if that's your fancy.

The most remarkable attribute of the socks is their thin construction, because although they're designed to keep your feet warm, they fit seamlessly into your snug cycling shoes."