ENVE G23 700c Wheelset

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Designed specifically for gravel/adventure bikes the G23 have, as the name implies, a 23mm internal rim width, optimised for 35-45mm tyres.

ENVE have gone to great lengths to minimise the likelihood of pinch flats, and have brought over the hookless bead technology from their off-road rims.

At just 330g rim weight this is a seriously light rim, but there's no compromise on strength - they're very much focused on providing comfort and durability on mixed surfaces.

Built onto the classic Chris King hubs, this is a performance carbon wheelset designed to last. Both hubs and rims are made in the USA.

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ENVE say:

"We want people to have as much fun riding gravel as we do, and for that reason, we've targeted rim geometries that favor the tyre treads and volumes that have proven to be the most fun.

With an inner rim width of 23mm the G23, is designed to be paired with gravel treads between 35mm and 45mm. While 35mm-45mm tyres provide ample control and traction, for most gravel riding endeavours, they do not offer much by way of pinch-flat protection. Despite 'minimum PSI' markings to the contrary, many riders are experimenting with pressure setting in the 20s.

The forward-looking G23 is ahead of the trend using our Wide Hookless Bead anti-flat technology, which provides a larger, more forgiving surface during bottom outs, protecting the tyre from the dreaded pinch-flat. This technology means you can ride the tyre pressures you want, confidently, without limitations.

The G Series are intended for tubeless applications and features a molded bead-lock to ensure that your tyres will remain secure and sealed to the rim over even the roughest terrain."

Rim Specifications:

Rim Depth: 25mm
External Width: 31.5mm
Internal Width: 23mm
Hole Count: 24
Effective Rim Diameter: 608mm
Accepted Tyre Sizes: 35c - 45c

Wheelset Specifications:

Rim Weight: Front 330g / Rear 330g / Pair 660g
Built, with Chris King R45 CL hubs: Front 612g / Rear 731g / Pair 1343g