Favero Assioma DUO Dual-Sided Power Meter Pedals

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Well engineered Dual-Sided Power Meter Pedals, easy to install and setup without special tools (no torque wrench required - easily swap between bikes, even when travelling).

Water resistant, tough and accurate. See our full review below:

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The Bespoke Review

Bespoke Founder Barry has been putting the Assioma Duo through their paces:

I have used a lot of power meters over the years; at least 4 SRMs, a Powertap hub, Garmin Vector pedals and 2 crank-based Quarqs.

I still prefer crank based PMs (mainly because I am a total snob and think they look the most Pro - tragic I know!). But given that I test so many bikes now I am becoming more and more a convert to pedals...

Garmin is the best known one out there, and Powertap do a highly regarded P2 pedal, but it was the small Italian brand Favero that I was keen to try for the first time.

So far I have 3 weeks on them; including 950km in Portugal. Spoiler alert: They have been flawless.

They are ridiculously easy to put on and set up; just like a normal pedal, no fancy tools or alignment required. Pairing is with your phone; as is calibration. I did some intervals with these compared to my SRM and they were within 1 watt of each other, so accuracy is good.

They are fully rechargeable and are meant to give 50 hours of use before needing a charge; for many people that will be once a month.

Our ride time in Portugal was 35 hours and they were still showing plenty of battery life left from a single charge.

These are 1/3rd the price of my SRM, and they have capabilities the SRM does not such as left/right power split and the Garmin Cycling Dynamics (Torque effectiveness, pedal smoothness, rider position etc). To be honest I am not sure of the real world use case for some of these data fields; but Left/Right balance is definitely useful, especially to track changes in balance under different intensities and duration (i.e. does your L/R power balance get worse as you tire).

The main reason I was interested in trying these was the near universally positive reviews they received. People such as DC Rainmaker and GP Lama probably do the best tech reviews out there - and both of them use Assiomas as part of their baseline set-up for accuracy when they try new power meters. And if its good enough for them...

They are every bit as good as everyone said they would be. Very good value for money, easy to use and set up, very accurate and a with only minimal weight penalty over standard pedals (probably the lightest way to get power on a bike).

The only downside I've found is that if you prefer Speedplay pedals or SPDs (as I do) you are wedded to the Favero Look Keo-style cleats.

That one issue aside it's amazing how good these are. When you look at the SRM Exakt pedal at £1200 you realise the Favero is almost half the price, more accurate and infinitely easier to set up. Literally a case of plug and play.

Given training and riding with power is probably the second best investment you can make in cycling (after a bike fit) I predict within 3 years almost all bikes sold with have some sort of Power Meter device.

Given you can easily spend £150 on a pair of good quality pedals anyway; the Assioma at £699 with precise power measurement built-in represent fabulous value for money.

Accuracy and Reliability

Power meters have proved a particularly tough nut to crack for the cycling industry. Initial accuracy seems easy enough to achieve, but repeatability and consistency are harder to obtain.

We've spent a lot of time talking to customers, researching and riding these pedals ourselves before stocking and recommending them. Respected blogger and GPS/Power expert DC Rainmaker is a big fan, and over the past couple of years he and his followers have had a lot of real world experience with these pedals.

The Assioma would be a good bet if they only provided accuracy and reliability (which they do). But they also have some tricks up their sleeve.

There's Automatic Temperature Compensation (between -10 and +60°c) because we ride in all weathers, and consistency is all important. And naturally they're waterproof too.

Plus a built in Gyroscope enables use with oval chainrings, as well as with round - and allows for IAV measurement: Instantaneous Angular Velocity means that the power is measured throughout the entire rotation of the crank/pedal, not just averaged as with other power meters. This reduces the margin of error from around 4.5% to just +/-1%, regardless of your pedalling style and the undulations of a typical route.

The Assioma pedals use the industry standard ANT+ technology and Bluetooth to allow connection to pretty almost any bike computer/GPS or smartphone.

Additionally, with the Assioma app, available for iOS and Android, you can update the firmware, calibrate the sensors, set the crank-arm length, check the battery charge level and more.

Cleats are included for use with any standard three-bolt road shoes, and they're LOOK KEO compatible, so if you have existing KEO cleats you can use those too.

The Assioma are compatible with oval chainrings, as well as with standard round rings.

Favero provide a two year warranty for peace of mind.

Total weight per pedal is just 152.4g

Smart Recharging

A single charge provides up to 50 hours of power measurement. When the battery falls to 8 hours charge remaining you'll receive a notification on your computer.

The pedals will automatically go into 'sleep' mode after a few minutes of inactivity, to prolong battery life.

The charging setup shows Favero's attention to detail. A dual lead is provided so that you can charge both pedals simultaneously, and the standard USB connection means that you can use a regular smartphone charger, or even a portable USB powerpack, for recharging and top-up (as a backup to the provided charger).

The lead's connection to the pedals is magnetic, so if you do happen to catch the cable it'll pull cleanly away without damaging itself, the pedals or your bike.

What's Included:

  • Left pedal with power sensor
  • Right pedal with power sensor
  • Battery charger including plugs (EU, US, UK, AU)
  • 2x two-metre long micro-USB/USB cables with 2 magnetic connectors
  • 2x red cleats (6° float) (LOOK Kéo compatible)
  • Hex key and 4 pedal washers for installation
  • User manual