Bontrager Ion 100 R/Flare R City Light Set


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This pair of USB rechargeable lights easily affixes to your handlebars and seatpost via their quick connect brackets with integrated rubber straps.

The Ion 100 R and Flare R are intended primarily to be used as daylight running lights. Invaluable in city riding, these make you significantly more visible to other traffic.

Bontrager have programmed in an "interruptive" flash pattern - in other words rather than flashing regularly the flashes occur in a varying pattern and different levels of illumination. This makes it much more noticeable than a repeating pattern.

They're also brighter than the supplementary lights you'd typically use to aid nighttime visibility. The beam is focused and directed not to illuminate your way but to be as visible as possible to other road users.

What's Included:

  • Ion 100R
  • Flare R City
  • 2x quick-connect brackets
  • Micro USB charging cable

One light set for a complete daytime running lights solution. The Ion 100 R and Flare R City feature focused optics, an interruptive flash pattern and a broad range to ensure visibility. Their compact design and wide beam spread are optimised for city riding and make these USB rechargeable lights great for any bike.

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