Louison Bobet Training Gloves


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Flexible TRAINING gloves are the ideal choice for riding in cold wet or dry winter weather. Kangaroo leather palms, treated for high resistance to rain, provide ultra-efficient grip in all conditions.

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Colour: BLACK

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Primaloft is an ideal lining material for winter gloves; a synthetic equivalent to down, it's a fantastic insulator with very little bulk and superb water resistance.

The Louison Bobet Training gloves are ideal for temperatures between around 0 and 15C (at the colder end of the spectrum, add some thin liner gloves for ultimate 'layering' efficiency).

The outer layer is constructed from a lightweight, breathable and water-repellent softshell fabric - this does a great job of protecting your hands from wind and rain on lengthy winter rides.

The Primaloft then looks after the all-important insulation, whilst remaining thin enough to be comfortable and allow for unrestricted movement and control, and provides a wonderfully soft layer next to the skin.

Stretchy sections on the index and middle fingers are particularly useful when braking and changing gears, and the kangaroo leather palms are grippy and have been specially treated for extra water resistance.

A welcome feature is touchscreen compatibility, something we're always glad to see but can't always take for granted on a winter glove. You do not want to be taking your gloves off to check your phone or operate your GPS in freezing conditions.

Microfibre panels on the thumbs provide that essential winter "mopping up" section, to absorb what the makers diplomatically refer to as "facial perspiration", but is probably more commonly known as "snot". Always handy on a chilly ride!


  • Softshell outer envelope
  • Neoprene wristbands
  • Microfibre section on thumbs
  • Primaloft® comfort lining
  • Kangaroo leather grip
  • Compatible with touch screens
  • Ergonomic flexible stretch sections (forefinger and middle finger)
  • Retro-reflective bands

Materials: 40% leather / 27% polyurethane / 25% nylon polyester / 8% other

Size Guide:

Palm circumference: measure around the base of your four fingers (excluding the thumb).
Hand length: measure the distance from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your wrist.

All sizes are in centimetres.

Size 7 - S 8 - M 9 - L 10 - XL 11 - XXL
Palm Circumference 17.5-19 19-20.5 20.5-22 22-23.5 23.5-25
Hand Length 16-17 17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21