PNS Control Light Gloves AW19

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In cold but not extreme temperatures you need relatively light gloves with decent wind protection and sensible levels of insulation. Too much bulk simply means less comfort and less dexterity, so these lighter weight gloves are ideal for late autumn and warmer winter rides, whilst still providing exceptional insulation for their weight.

They're also easy to stow away into a back pocket if things start to warm up during the ride, perfect for those early starts.

With a conductive yarn woven into the forefinger tips you can also use your phone (and/or GPS) without needing to remove the gloves - one of those nice touches that's rapidly becoming an essential in our opinion.


  • Small (A 19 cm, B 21 cm)
  • Medium (A 20 cm, B 22 cm)
  • Large (A 21 cm, B 23 cm)

A - measure from wrist to end of middle finger

B - measure hand circumference below the knuckles



Colour: Black

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