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This is Pas Normal's signature race fit jersey. A key element in your cycling wardrobe that's been tried and tested to near perfection for several seasons now.

  • Lightweight with highly breathable side and back panels for low moisture absorption and quick drying.
  • 100% polyester pockets that won't stretch when your pockets are full.
  • Zippered side pocket with protected insert.
  • Highly breathable side and back panels.
  • 100% polyester pockets that won't stretch when your pockets are full.
  • Zippered side pocket with protected insert.
  • Made in Italy.
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Colour: Off-white


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To me, nothing says you are entering some riding form (and better weather) than bringing out the PNS kit. The colours are so vibrant that they look best in the summer sun (bonus points for being on an exotic col).

The race cut is flattering if you are in shape, but less so if you are carrying some winter weight (the Mechanism range is very aggressive, but they have a more relaxed range called Essentials as well).

On a recent trip to Mallorca I felt brave enough to wear the Mechanism outfit again, and was reminded just how good the kit is.

The jerseys are tight, there are no two ways about it. But the cut is great, snug on the chest and tight in the arms, and the fabric is great at keeping your core under control when working hard. There is clearly a Placebo effect, but everytime I put the outfit on I want to go climbing…

This years colours are particularly punchy; my personal favourites are "Bright Red" (which is actually more Neon Orange) and the Blue (which is a vibrant electric blue). The Off-White looks great too - but you need to be far less messy than me to do it justice…

When I was first introduced to PNS 18 months ago I thought they were cool, but possibly a fad. The product development they have done in that time is very impressive and the kit is up their with the very best in class. If you like Pro cut and Scandi minimalism the Mechanism range is a match made in heaven.

Barry Scott - Bespoke Head Honcho

PNS Men's Size Guide:

PNS products are designed to be a particularly snug "race" fit.

We strongly recommend going up a size from your regular choice of sizing in other brands.

All measurements are in Centimetres.

12 Chest Width 38 40 42 44 46 48
Front (Zip) Length 45 45 47.5 50 52.5 52.5
Back Length (Middle) 53 53.5 56 59 62 62.5