Q36.5 Intimo longsleeve Teddy Berry

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When the winter chill really sets in you need a decent base layer to provide that comforting, insulating foundation to your gear.

Q36.5 have rethought the materials used, working with UltraRunning specialists UVU to produce an entirely new fabric, and testing in truly Arctic conditions during an Ultra-running marathon.

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Q36.5 had their tongues firmly in their cheeks when they named this the Teddy Berry. But it's an apt name for their cosiest, most insulating base layer, specifically aimed at the coldest conditions.

As with all their base layers it's knitted on special Karl Mayer machines which are able to produce seamless tubes of fabric. This means that seams are absolutely kept to a minimum, which improves the fit but also gives a lot more comfort in something as snug fitting as a base layer.

The front features a double layer of fabric for additional protection, and rather than going for a uniform structure throughout the garment Q36.5 have used the principle of RSR (Regional Sweat Rating) to effectively "3D Map" the design to suit active athletic use.

65% Polyester
30% Polypropylene
5% Elastane

170 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 0°C

Q36.5 have developed a brand new, proprietary Smart Fabric for the Teddy Berry. The layer next to the skin has a sponge 'frottè' construction (rather than the more common brushed finish), which creates a microclimate close to the skin - efficiently wicking away sweat to keep your body dry and reducing the chilling effect.

For the additional second layer, on the chest, they've used another proprietary fabric (UF Air-Insulation) to add extra insulation where it's needed most, whilst allowing the rest of the body to vent and breathe at maximum efficiency.

The innovative Smart Fabric has a unique first layer that insulates and maintains a dry microclimate close to the body, with very good moisture management thanks to the push-pull construction made by a blend of Polyprolylene and Polyester... The hydrophobic/hydropillic characteristics of the thread allow high breathability with a reduced water load (less clammy/soggy when working hard).

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