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A modern take on the classic "shell", the Termica is a lightweight (just 400g) insulating top-layer suitable for high-intensity winter training.

Perfect for when the weather is cold but you're planning on generating plenty of heat!

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Windproof, Light weight, Insulating

The Termica is a winter shell designed for cold conditions.

Q36.5 have put a lot of thought into the design and shape of this jacket, and it shows. The sleeves are constructed with a minimum of seams (none of which are front facing), and it's shaped to be comfortable in a riding position, rather than when standing around.

The core body heat zones, and the areas most exposed to wind (chest, upper back, upper arms and forearms) are made from a laminated polyamide/polyester microfleece-backed fabric which uses a 18micron hydrophilic membrane to block the wind chill without causing clamminess or overheating.

The sides and back are constructed from a high-density thermal fleece fabric which is designed to insulate whilst efficiently wicking away moisture. This fabric is also used in Q36.5's proprietary 'barber's collar' - a second internal collar which seals the neck area to prevent wind ingress when in a riding position, but remains extremely comfortable and non-restrictive at all times.

The Q36.5 proprietary invisible pocket system, as seen on their jerseys, makes an appearance - as well as an extra upper forearm pocket, ideal for access to gels and snacks with a minimum of fumbling.

All of this makes for an extremely useful winter jacket, that provides a great level of protection without bulk or fuss.

The Bespoke Review - Barry takes a look at the Termica:

Luigi at Q36.5 is obsessed with fabrics and technical performance. He defines his clothing as 'equipment' and not 'apparel'. A good winter jacket is a huge technical challenge; it needs to be warm, windproof, offer an element of water resistance all whilst not overheating

"The Termica is designed as a winter jacket for more intense riding, rather than Sunday bimbles. As soon as you put it on you are aware it's a superbly technical and well thought out piece of kit. It feels like a warmer version of a race long sleeve jersey

The parts of the body most exposed to the wind get greater protection, whilst the sides and back are more breathable. I have done four hour rides with lots of climbing and never felt too hot. This is incredibly important, if you over heat it turns to sweat and there is nothing as unpleasant than ending the ride with a cold, wet back.

The double collar is a stroke of genius and traps the warm air in.

Even though its very warm its exceptionally low volume - that's why it costs as much as it does. But its incredibly versatile; you can go from -5° C to 12° C just by changing base layers."

Materials: 45% Polyamide / 35% Polyester / 15% Elastane / 5% Polyurethane

Weight: 400 g

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 0°C

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