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A classic gilet, using the latest technology fabrics for true 4-season versatility

Generally when choosing a gilet you're faced with a choice - do you want a lightweight wind/rain-proof vest or is thermal insulation more important?

Q36.5 have harnessed the latest advances in fabric technology to make this question redundant. Maximum protection, minimum bulk, ultimate versatility.

The Q36.5 vest eliminates the distinction between the two categories with a hybrid 4-season design weighing just 137g.

This is achieved primarily through the use of the UFHybridShell material, a thermal ribbed fleece material. Constructed without a membrane (which would usually provide wind or waterproofing qualities) instead it uses, on its outer side, an extraordinarily high density weave. This creates wind resistance comparable to that of a traditional soft shell fabric, whilst maintaining a high degree of breathability.

Riders will immediately appreciate the advantages on long descents, where wicking is much improved over standard gilets whilst retaining good wind-proofing. The material is treated before being woven to give water resistance and fast drying times, rather than having a surface treatment applied to the finished fabric, this aids fast drying and breathability.

Cut on the same fit block as the Short Sleeve L1 jersey, to give a snug but not restrictive fit. In keeping with its minimalist design the Essential Vest has no rear pockets, but features two invisible slits for accessing the rear pockets of the jersey or jacket worn underneath.

Materials: 39% Polyamide, 30% Polyester, 30% Elastane, 1% Silver

Weight: 137 g

4-season Body Temperature Stability Guarantee

Colour: Black


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