SILCA Borsa Americano Wallet

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This handy wallet is designed to fit easily into a jersey pocket, and to hold those riding essentials that we all need to carry.

Tough and durable but with SILCA's usual attention to detail and style. The Borsa Americano is also a bit more environmentally friendly than your typical cycling accessory - the outer shell is made from "upcycled" bicycle inner tubes and wetsuit neoprene. Two materials that are ideally suited to a bag that's going to be exposed to the elements and subject to regular usage.

The interior liner is a soft nylon, in SILCA's signature bright red, which makes it easy to spot any small tools, loose change, etc inside, even in low light conditions.

Four internal pockets in various sizes allow you to stow any combination of daily essentials. The largest pocket is sized to fit a smartphone up to the size of an iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus.

Hand made for SILCA by upcycling specialists EcoLogic in Colorado, USA.

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  • Nylon interior liners
  • Outer made from "upcycled" bicycle inner tubes and wetsuit neoprene
  • Zinc zipper with nylon teeth
  • Weather resistant exterior
  • Dimensions: L 17.5cm x W 9cm x D 2cm when empty (dimensions will change when packed)
  • Designed to fit smartphones up to and including the iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Made in the USA

right: An example (slightly American!) of what you can fit in the Borsa Americano. The contents, of course, are not included.

SILCA say:

We partnered with Colorado-based Ecologic Designs to create this simple yet stylish limited-edition storage solution for your every day riding essentials.

Constructed of upcycled bicycle inner-tubes and upcycled wetsuit neoprene, the Borsa Americano is designed by SILCA and sewn by EcoLogic, featuring four internal pockets of various sizes to give you plenty of storage options.

The main compartment is designed exactly to the dimensions of an iPhone 7+ with case, resulting in minimal bulk or excess material. For the rest of the bag, it's really up to you what you want to carry.

This bag is less structured than other SILCA bags, allowing the user to pack it however they like for minimal bulk and size. The large inner side pocket is perfect for storing cash or credit cards, while other pockets can hold everything from your house key to patch kit.