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SILCA's original Seat Roll Premio quickly became a best seller, and the Grande Americano is more than just a larger version.

Bigger and better, the Grande option takes the same hard-wearing materials, Boa closure system and packs in a whole load of new design features - nothing flashy, just designed to make it as easy and pleasurable to use as possible.

If you're doing gravel/adventure rides, touring or mountain biking this larger pack will be just the job.

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  • Uni-body pattern constructed of 1000D Ballistic Nylon with water-repellent finish
  • Boa® Closure System with Guide
  • Rail guard protects and grips saddle rails
  • Three internal pockets. Holds tubes up to 29x2.5" (700x62mm)
  • Heavy-duty elastic centre compression strap for added security

(contents are shown for illustration only - they're not included with the bag)

Silca say:

While the increase in the size of the seat roll might have been an obvious solution, we couldn't just stop at the obvious.

We started this project with a test group of riders from various cycling disciplines and had them ride more than a dozen Grande Americano prototypes for more than 10 months. The primary focus of this group was to identify potential areas for improvement and opportunities to innovate. Our focus group consisted of gravel and mountain riders who require more space for larger tubes, and a few road riders who wanted the ability to carry multiple inner tubes.

The result of this test led to a few unique updates to the original design. For starters, we moved the BOA System down to the lower third of the roll which helps keep the roll secure over the roughest surfaces while also keeping the bag 'high and tight' under the saddle so it doesn't rub your shorts. Next our designer created a unique Lower Pleat in the bottom of the roll which gives it the unique ability to expand when loaded while laying flat when unloaded.

Lastly, we increased the strength and tension of the vertical axis strap to better support the load and ensure total silence and solidity over even the roughest surfaces. These refinements, along with the overall increase in size make Grande Americano an extremely capable seat roll; and one that you can use with virtually any bike.

SILCA recommended packing:

Road Riding:

Left pocket - Put a multi-tool in here. This is the last part of the pack to be folded over, so putting something flatter in here will make it easier to fold.

Centre pocket - This should be the bulkiest pocket. We recommend putting your spare inner tube in here and packing out the remaining space either side with any additional accessories - a CO2 inflator and spare cartridge will fit nicely.

Right pocket - Ideal for tyre levers and another spare inner tube, or your CO2 inflator if it won't fit in the centre pocket.


Left pocket - Put a multi-tool in here. This is the last part of the pack to be folded over, so putting something flatter in here will make it easier to fold.

Centre pocket - For large MTB and gravel inner tubes. SILCA recommend folding them as flat as possible (whilst making sure they don't protrude out of the top of the pocket).

Right pocket - Ideal for bulkier items, such as CO2 inflators, spare cartridges and tyre levers. This is the side that you'll fold over first when packing the seat roll, so it's best to put the bulkiest items in here for ease of packing.

Road Riding Example Setup

MTB Example Setup