SILCA NFS Leather and Pump Lubricant (20ml)

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If you're using the finest quality pump, like a SILCA Superpista, you'll want to keep it in tip top condition.

This special solution was developed by NFS from their chain lube, and is designed to condition the leather seals used in SILCA's pumps.

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SILCA say:

"So when you have access to one of the purest, lowest friction, environmentally friendly lube on the planet, you use it on stuff. We've spent the last 2 years using NFS chain lube on pretty much everything including our pumps. So we approached NFS with the ask to develop a pump specific lube optimized for use with SILCA leather gaskets.

The solution: NFS Pump Lube, a 100% pure synthetic oil optimized to adhere to SILCA leather gaskets and coat pump tube walls. The result: Lower pumping force, higher pumping efficiency and extended leather gasket wear due to reduced friction and heat.

The unique red coloration of this lube has given it the nickname 'Pump Blood' from our pro-mechanic users worldwide. We recommend putting a few drops of 'Pump Blood' into your pump every 6 months to a year, the coating of the walls will keep it pumping at peak efficiency with minimum effort."