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A medium volume seat bag for people who don't like seat bags.

Not everyone gets on with traditionally-styled seatpacks. Velcro straps can rub on seatposts as well as on the legs of your bibshorts, causing unwanted wear. Access can sometimes be tricky, especially without taking the bag off the bike.

The Seat Capsule Premio is designed to address these issues. A "hardshell" type design, it comfortably holds all the gear a road cyclist is likely to need for an everyday carry, in an easy to attach, easy to adjust, easy to access package.

A BOA adjuster provides micro-adjustment allowing you to easily fine-tune the fit to keep it safely and securely mounted to your saddle rails, without risk of damage or loosening.

The "muppet mouth" look might be unconventional, but provides easy access to tools, tubes and other essentials. It also fits nicely with any modern frame style.

Best of all there is no contact between bag and seatpost - meaning no friction or wear.

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SILCA say:

Seat Capsule Premio is our BOA® powered saddle bag option for those that prefer more structure and internal volume than what a seat roll has to offer. A high-strength thermoformed shell creates a modular structure with two internal dividers that help keep everything organized.

The capsule is secured to the bike using the BOA Closure System, and features Rail Guard for superior grip and protection of the saddle rails. The zipper is a YKK locking model that bisects the lower third of the bag. Our designer chose this low position to make it easier to access the bag while it's still attached to the saddle; a key difference between a seat bag and a seat roll.

Seat Capsule Premio was designed to suit the needs of a wide range of cyclists thanks to its large carrying capacity. The high-strength thermoformed shell creates a void that measures 625cc and can hold up to a 29.2.35" or two 700x30mm inner tubes. The internal pocket dividers comfortably hold a set of tire levers, a multi-tool, a CO2 regulator and up to three CO2 cartridges.

The location of the Boa Closure System and Guide Rail Guard have been optimized for stability and aerodynamics. Not only does this tilted position secure the capsule right up against your saddle when fully installed, but it also pulls it away from your seat post and legs. If you run a dropper post and/or have ever experienced rubbing from a saddle bag, Seat Capsule Premio is for you.

We've taken all the features that have made Seat Roll Premio and Seat Roll Grande Americano top sellers all over the World and transferred them to this high-strength, high volume capsule.


  • High strength Thermoformed shell
  • Boa® Closure System with Guide
  • Rail Guard protects and grips saddle rails
  • Two internal dividers reduce noise and help items stay put
  • YKK Locking Zipper
  • NO Velcro to damage your seat post or inner short legs
  • 625cc Internal Volume