Specialized Air Tool Gauge Trigger

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Being able to quickly and easily reinflate a flat tubeless tyre or replacement inner tube at the roadside is something we tend to take for granted with the widespread popularity of CO2 inflators. But it's not always easy to tell from simply squeezing the tyre whether it's correctly inflated, and a few PSI plus or minus can have a big impact on handling, especially with the lower pressures common on larger volume tyres.

This neat inflator head has a built in pressure gauge (running right up to 150psi) to save you having to guess the correct inflation. Well made and sturdily constructed this won't take up too much room in your seatpack, bag or jersey pocket, and handily combines two functions in one.

  • Gauge confirms proper inflation, makes it easy to adjust pressure mid-ride.
  • Thumb trigger gives precise control.
  • Accommodates threaded 16g and 25g cartridges.
  • One 16g CO2 cartridge included.

Colour: Black

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