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Specialized are no strangers to innovation - heck, they even have their own Win(d) Tunnel for aero testing - and they've long championed correct fit and riding comfort through their Body Geometry programme. Plus via their Retül arm they have a vast database of rider fit data, so it's no surprise to see them taking full advantage of the latest 3D printing technology.

The Power Saddle with Mirror technology ditches the foam usually found in modern saddles, but offers more comfort than a perch made from simple sheets of carbon fibre.

The dimpled, honeycombed surface of the saddle provides support and flexibility with previously impossible levels of fine tuning. There are 14,000 struts and 7,799 junctions within the matrix that forms the seat section, all capable of being individually tuned to the job required. This sits on top of a lightweight FACT carbon fibre shell and carbon rails.

As you'd expect from a Specialized saddle, there's a choice of widths - 143mm or 155mm (and of course we can help you find the perfect fit).

The oversized 7x9mm carbon rails continue the light and strong theme, and the stated weights are 190g for the 143mm wide and 194g for the 155mm wide saddles.

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Specialized say:

Specialized has combined over 20 years of Body Geometry experience with Retül, the world's largest database of rider fit, and bleeding-edge material science to create the greatest combination of performance and comfort ever seen in a saddle.

After discovering the revolutionary 3D printed polymer can create an infinitely tuneable material, a lattice made up of 14,000 struts and 7,799 nodes was created, thus dramatically improving sit bone comfort by distributing pressure in a way impossible with foam. The S-Works Power Mirror saddle was born.

Our saddle team pushed this new technology to the limit, and in turn this new technology redefined what we imagined a saddle could do, inspiring some of the most creative thinking our product teams have ever engaged in. It allowed us to create over 70 designs in less than a year, going from concept to rideable sample in a single day. Light prints the lattice structure from liquid polymer, then a second chemical reaction occurs in a forced-circulation oven to strengthen and set the materials final properties.

What is it?

Specialized has partnered with a Californian based company called Carbon, which specialises in 3D-printing technologies, to create a 3D-printed polymer lattice structure to form the padding of a saddle instead of using traditional foam seen on all saddles previously. This means that Specialized can customize the lattice structure to engineer different densities of lattice throughout the saddle in one single piece, which is then attached to a conventional carbon composite base.

This leap in saddle technology has enabled Specialized to deliver amazing support, comfort and performance. Our Body Geometry team has already validated Mirror's ability to assure penile blood flow by reducing soft tissue pressure, as well as improved sit bone comfort in both men and women.

The new S-Works Mirror saddle also has a 3D-printed covering, which is formed as part of the curing process, to aid comfort and form as the surface is grippy to help hold you in place.

Saddle shape

As this saddle is in the Power family, it is a short nosed saddle. However, it finds a natural place between the Power and the Power Arc. Its profile is flat like the Power, which is teamed with the flaring of the Power Arc.