Veloflex Master Folding Tyre 700x25 Black


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When is a clincher not a clincher? When it's an "open tubular"...

So what on earth is an open tubular? Well, it's sort of a clincher deluxe:

It's a regular 'open' tyre that takes a standard inner tube, and fits onto your standard clincher rims. In fact, Italian romanticism aside, the tubolari aperto is essentially a clincher tyre constructed from the same casing material as Veloflex's legendary tubular tyres.

Handmade in Italy, the Master features a 320 threads per inch casing for incredible suppleness, giving a fantastic amount of road feedback whilst retaining comfort.

The Master's predecessor, the Veloflex Pavé was for many years my favourite tyre, but the Pavé's 22mm width was starting to look a bit mean in the era of wider rims. The Master is a nominal 25mm width - far more suited to contemporary riding and racing.

Kevlar beads keep the weight down, and an anti-puncture layer helps add protection, although we would still class these as fast training/race tyres. Veloflex have prioritised performance over puncture protection, and while these are capable all-rounders you're getting these for the low rolling resistance, ride quality, grip and above all, cornering, rather than for dealing with city streets.

Weight: Approx 205g per tyre (+/-10%, these are hand made, after all).



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