Italian style and decades of experience in every bike. A Colnago is more than just a bike, it's part of a 60 year journey to create a total experience rich in racing heritage, combining fine handling and good looks.

Colnago C60 Header


Cambiago, Italy

Materials used

Carbon Fibre, Steel

Areas of excellence

Road, Cross


Ernesto Colnago




Colnago have a special place in the hearts of cycling enthusiasts. An Italian cycling icon with over 60 years of framebuilding and race expertise, for many of our customers Colnago is more than just a brand, it's a unique combination of history and emotion.

Their current range is the perfect blend of tradition and technology. Every bike benefits from Colnago's very special recipe for handling and ride quality - it's a fabled balance between surefooted stability and pinpoint precision.

Colnago History

C60 Italia

Colnago C60 Italia

The latest Colnago C-series frame. Designed, hand built and painted in Italy.

CX Zero

Colnago CX Zero

Colnago's endurance model, ideal for sportives, training and long days in the saddle. Available in electronic and disc models.


Colnago AC-R

The AC-R is Colnago's entry level carbon bike. The ideal way to get on board with this historic brand. Also available with disc brakes.


Colnago Master

Classic steel magnificence from Colnago. The Master is little changed from its 80s launch, and for good reason - this is the perfect retro ride.

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