Precision engineered in Germany, Lightweight wheels combine the latest carbon fibre technology with incredible craftsmanship to create the best wheels money can buy.

We are proud to be the sole Lightweight Flagship Store in the UK, holding a full range of their superlight wheels.

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Friedrichshafen, Germany

Materials used:

Carbon Fibre

Area of Expertise:



Lightweight manufacture the world's best carbon wheels.

Born from an obsession with carbon technology, their foray into the world of cycling was begun over a bet in a bar. You may wonder why you don't see so many of them around, why don't all the peloton ride them? It's simple. Nobody, absolutely nobody, gets them for free. Everybody pays.

Some things really are worth paying for.

The transfer of power is unbelievably immediate, instantaneous... They are the most responsive, most direct wheels I’ve ever accelerated; every bit as good as people say they are." - Cycling Weekly


Lightweight Meilenstein

The stiffest wheel in the Lightweight range is also the most popular all-rounder. The ultimate do-everything wheel.


Lightweight Gipfelsturm

Classic profile rim for hill climbing and ultimate performance in crosswinds.


Lightweight Fernweg

80mm rim depth for super aero performance. Remarkably light weight for their depth, the perfect combo for hilly triathlons.


Lightweight Autobahn

Ultimate aero performance for when speed is of the essence.

On top of the wheel retaining its excellent lateral stability and first-rate craftsmanship, Lightweight’s engineers have accomplished their twin goals of improving braking performance and handling. Today’s carbon wheel market is a fastpaced exchange of new designs and technology. So what of the slight tweaks and modest updates that the Meilensteins bring to the table? The end result is that these really are the best wheels we’ve ever ridden.

- Road Bike Action magazine, USA, August 2013

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