Moots are the absolute masters of titanium, with a broad range of bikes to suit every type of rider. Their flawless welds have to be seen to be believed.

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Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA

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With over 30 years of experience their vast experience with titanium is apparent from the moment you first see a Moots frame. There are some beautifully made titanium bikes out there, but Moots really do take it to another level, their satin bead-blast finish makes for a supremely elegant frame.

Moots only use US-made seamless cold-worked, stress-relieved 3/2.5 titanium tubing, and their double pass welding process gives a stronger weld as well as looking exceptionally neat.

As always the process begins with a bike fitting, here at Bespoke. A variety of stock sizes are available from 48cm to 62cm, with custom sizes available for special order, so we can ensure a perfect fit. Moots also offer a longer head tube as a no-cost option.

As Moots themselves say: “Each tube miter and each weld, in every single frame we build, is done by hand. Checked by hand. Finished by hand. Polished by hand. Only then do we apply our head badge. By hand, of course.”

Moots Blake 990x600

Vamoots DR

Moots Vamoots DR

Disc brakes on a road frame - the Vamoots DR makes a lot of sense. Ultimate stopping power and all-weather capability combine with regular road geometry to make a bike for all seasons that is equally at home commuting or on epic rides.

Vamoots RSL

Moots Vamoots RSL

The Vamoots RSL is the flagship of the Moots range. Their lightest, stiffest and most race-worthy model.

Routt 45

Moots Routt 45

Durability-Designed and built to go capably where the roads get progressively rougher, the Routt 45 will perform for a lifetime of adventure.

Vamoots CR

Moots Vamoots CR

The Vamoots CR is one of the most versatile of the Moots range. Compact geometry, precise handling, and a ride that remains crisp whilst benefitting from titanium's comfort-enhancing properties.

Moots strives to lead the way in designing and building the most innovative high performance titanium bikes in the industry. We are proud of the bikes we create and of our team that builds them.

Moots Crew 990x600

Psychlo X RSL

Moots Psychlo X RSL

Bringing home the award for the Best Cyclcocross Bike at the 2012 NAHBS in Sacramento, CA., the Moots PSYCHLO X RSL is a culmination of Moots team work both on the course and in the shop.


Moots Vamoots

The Vamoots has classic road geometry, making it the most traditional looking of the Moots range and giving fine, stable handling.


Moots Routt

The Moots Routt is an evolution of the original Psychlo X focused on all terrain riding, gravel and even light touring.

Mooto X RSL

Moots Mooto X RSL

The Mooto X RSL is a curvaceous cross country 29er, nimble and fast.

Baxter 29"

Moots Baxter 29"

Deep gravel, two-track and Tour Divide single-track adventurer.

Rogue RSL 27.5"

Moots Rogue RSL 27.5"

Single-track carver - fast and fun hardtail. Durable, lightweight and comfortable

Vamoots Disc RSL

Moots Vamoots Disc RSL

Pure road performance—Stiff and light- tight handling-fast acceleration—smooth, balanced ride—titanium durability

Mountaineer 27.5" YBB

Moots Mountaineer 27.5" YBB

PLUS SIZED-cross country–overland adventure–3 inch tyre

Moots Routt with Chris King

Moots Moots Routt with Chris King

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