We're pleased to say that significant amount of our business comes from word of mouth recommendations, a real tribute to our dedication to customer service.


an excellent and constructive session; absolutely worth the time and money.



Thank you. I had an excellent and constructive session; absolutely worth the time and money.

a) you listened to me, observed me, and understood what I was about, and why I was there
b) you didn't rely purely on the tech; you used that along with other skills to really notice what was going on; and what might need to be different
c) you were patient, thoughtful and thorough : everything was done at the highest possible level of quality
d) you were practical : some of those stretches were great and I will start using them immediately. And the new shoes rock.

So thanks again; I had a brilliant session and feel very excited about bringing my bike to a whole new level this year - and using this service again for the new bikes and possibly one of two of the existing ones also.

The most enjoyable, informative and rewarding experience


Ben and the team at Jermyn Street gave me the most enjoyable, informative and rewarding experience. I love my bike and still cannot believe it is mine. I would recommend Bespoke to anyone. You should be very proud of your service. I now only have one bike shop (besides your other branches) I will ever go to.

The bike equivalent of the Bugatti Veyron


I've been coy about riding for a few days as just liked walking past the Parlee in the garage and admiring it!

However, took it out for a blast today and god, it's so smooth! The descents in the national park near my house are bumpy, but the Z-Zero Disc just takes it all in. It's the bike equivalent of the Bugatti Veyron, just silky smooth riding. Set up great and fantastic on the drops. So comfortable. After riding it though, I did something I've never ever done and wiped it down as don't want sun cream / salt marks ruining the paint job!!

Thank you!

Bespoke will be my go-to bike shop from now on


I have had the Parlee TT bike for a few weeks now and have even taken it to Denmark for a Half Ironman. I would like to provide some feedback on the services I received from the Bespoke team:

To sum it up, you have literally built my dream machine!

I chose Bespoke because a) I saw the beautiful builds in your gallery and was very impressed by these, and b) I read some very promising testimonials for your company.

You and your team delivered on every promise and lived up to all my expectations, in particular:

1) Responsiveness during the process. You and your team are always responsive to my questions and emails. The responsiveness to me as a client truly sets you apart from the other bike shops I have dealt with previously;
2) Dedication to clients. You have gone over and beyond to help me engage with Lightweight to get my old Lightweight wheels onto the protection programme. You have also helped me engage with Enve to swap the old base bar with a di2-ready base bar. These are clear evidence of your relentless dedication to clients;
3) Pursuit of perfection. I have to single out Bence for his services. He tried many combinations to help me re-route the front break cable and di2 cables to find the perfect setup. He always patiently explained the reasons behind his choices as well. This was very refreshing and I value his opinions a lot.

Bespoke will be my go-to bike shop from now on regardless of whether I want to build another dream machine or just need to do some regular servicing.

My sincere thanks to you and the entire Bespoke team.

The service is exceptional


I want to commend you on the performance of your team at Canary Wharf. I am an inexperienced cyclist and needed a lot of advice and guidance.

To the uninitiated, the cycling world can be full of complexity and relatively intimidating; the team in Canary Wharf met me at my level of knowledge, made me feel welcome and explained everything in an engaging and helpful way. I now feel knowledgeable about all the aspects that matter and full of excitement. They helped me meet my budget and get a truly beautiful and exhilarating bike. It has been a joy to ride and is the envy of my friends.

I will not hesitate to recommend you and your firm to all my friends and colleagues. The service is exceptional and I feel that not only have I bought an excellent, custom fitted bike (and peripheral equipment) but gained some knowledgeable friends at Bespoke who I plan to visit regularly.

The Parlee ESX is fabulous


The Parlee ESX is fabulous. I cannot believe how well balanced it is and how well it handles. Everything about it is first class. Thanks to you and the team for all your help with it. It was a pleasure dealing with you all.

The results from your methods more than speak for themselves - the data doesn't lie!


As ever thank you so much for your time yesterday - I really appreciate all the help, advice and training materials you have given me to work with.
It feels, to me at least, that we have made a massive step-change in a matter of a few months. Let's also bear in mind that the majority of the effort has come through the winter - not the best time for getting out there on the bike!
Just wanted to say a massive thanks. Cannot believe that I can now regularly ride 100km back-to-back on the weekend with 1,000m of climbing at an average of 25kmh per ride.
Not bad for someone who started his journey weighing in at 120kg and barely able to ride 10km!!!

Through working with you I have subsequently learnt the importance of a bike that fits me and my body shape and style of riding.
The results from your methods more than speak for themselves - the data doesn't lie!!!



Many thanks for what was a really interesting insight into bike fitting and more importantly, realising what I have been doing wrong since I first bought a bike back in '08. Mark was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend the team to anyone who is looking to improve / optimise their cycling.
Invaluable in my view.

It's amazing!


Just a quick note to say thanks again to you, Ben and all the guys for going the extra mile with my new Parlee. Made it home OK and had a smile on my face all the way!

Until my trip home I have to confess that I was a little sceptical that the the 'ride quality' would be that much different than my SL2 - but you know what? It's amazing! Just glides over the lumps and bumps.

A Completely New Riding Experience


I have just returned from the first 45kms on the bike and I'm blown away. It was a completely new riding experience and was absolutely fantastic.

A very big "thank you" for helping and guiding me to achieve such an incredible bike. I could go on with the usual superlatives but suffice to say that I'm one very happy customer and Bespoke Cycling is one awesome customer experience.

Attention to detail and great service


It has been a great experience buying the bike from your company and being looked after by the team. Your shop stands out from most of the competition regards the attention to detail and great service. I really have enjoyed the process, the passion of the team and look forward to bringing the bike back for a check up later in the year.

Bespoke Nailed It.


Wow - in the cycling world where expectations are so high anyway, you guys really delivered.

Mark superbly project managed the request (which I felt would be unachievable within the desired timescales). Expectation management was delivered in a manner which I can only hope my own staff can aspire to.

This level of customer service was matched by your workshop and fitting teams.

To be honest, spending a f*ckload of cash on a discretionary purchase does need to be backed up with an incredibly slick operation. Invariably, most companies fall short. Bespoke nailed it.

Looking forward to bringing it back in after its done a few 000 miles for a retune.

Professional advice


It was all fascinating and very, very useful. I was on the bike last night and the aero position is immense!! All the data you gave me has also enabled me to make an informed decision on which Tri bikes would suit my ideal set up, and the advice and exercises targeting my areas of weakness will prove as valuable in the future. Thank you.

A great experience


After completing the Etape du Tour in July 2012 on a slightly ill-fitting bike, I promised myself a refit and potentially a new bike. Bespoke was recommended to me by a friend - and it lived up to the hype.

Everything from the initial discussion with Barry, through to the expert bike fitting with Ben, and the ultimate purchase of a new bike was a great experience, underpinned by a scientific approach and excellent customer service.

My original bike has been modified to fit perfectly and the new bike has been built to match, so I now have two bikes that are both a real pleasure to ride. The tailored products and services are special, but as importantly the experience makes you feel special.

A magic carpet ride


Thanks to Bobby and Ben for all your help. The bike has a magic carpet ride, wafts through the bumps, super Chris King whirr and epic di2 shift. I just managed to get a ride in between the ice melting and freezing again. It's been a great experience to do it all Bespoke. Thanks for making it so easy.

PS thanks to mechanic for last minute changes and tips.

Could be the best bike in the world


I was out on the Parlee this morning.
It was the first time I've been out on it.
It really could be the best bike in the world.
It felt like the Colnago Master Light with a Jet Engine.
It rides as good as it looks.

Amazing Service


I'm sure there are loads of testimonials our there for Bespoke, but I just wanted to take a moment to recognise the exceptional customer service and support that you and the team have given me over the last few months. Having spent 4 years in Japan, I thought I'd seen the best of customer service, but I think this has been recalibrated. Everything from your advice and guidance, to Ben's exceptional knowledge and experience in getting the fit right, to Jonny's skill in translating it all to an actual bike (the matching red jockey wheels was inspired!) was all truly exceptional. I've never felt more valued as a customer, something that those of us that work in a professional services business can learn from.

Can't believe the difference


I am absolutely loving the bike, have taken it out for a couple of rides so far and can't believe the difference a well fitted bike makes. Also can't get over how much faster I am on the hills! Nothing to do with the engine, which is a little less efficient given the amount of baguette and rosé that is being consumed as fuel!

Your guys did an incredible job of looking after me in tight time lines. Thanks once again.

Beyond my expectations.


The Émonda is beyond my expectations. Just superb.
I was very happy with Bespoke .

The Very Best Of Service


Thank you for my amazing new bike. When you order something like this you have an impression in your mind about what it will be like but nothing prepared me for the actual thing. It just looks the business! It rides like a dream - so lively and responsive but also a very smooth ride.

Your staff are a credit to your business. From when I arrived on Saturday to when I left I was given the very best of service and everyone was genuinely pleased to share my delight with me. Indeed, from when I first walked into your showroom back in July the whole experience has been great. In a hectic environment like Central London it is rare to find a retail experience that lives up to expectation. OK I know I was spending a lot of money but your staff were very pleasant and well informed. Their passion for bikes shines through and definitely helped me to confirm my desire to purchase.

Could not recommend highly enough.


Great guys, great service and (IMO) the best mechanics in London. They've fixed issues which other shops couldn't or, that they caused. Could not recommend highly enough.

The best money I've ever spent on cycling


The fitting session was fantastic. I'm truly amazed at the difference it has made - the best money I've ever spent on cycling.

I feel that I'm getting more power out (need a power meter!) and the alignment of my feet/knees is having a noticeable effect on my calves. I'm able to hit higher cadences with less effort which is great.

I will be booking in for Body Fit sessions come the new year - looking forward to that and further improvements!!

Really worth doing


Thanks for taking the time with me the other day. Really enjoyed it, and although we didn't change anything radically, the little tweaks have made a great difference to the comfort and power in the saddle. Really worth doing. Plus the shoes fit like a glove with the custom insoles, and the saddle is great.

See you soon for the next upgrade...

Act on your dreams


Act on your dreams with open eyes to make them possible.

I learned more about cycling in my two hour fitting session with Ben than in years of grinding up hills listening to the advice of well-meaning cycle buddies. Exceptional service and fantastic advice from the whole team. The Parlee Altum Disc is a work of art and I can’t praise the Di2  and Mavic Pro Discs enough – game changers. Thank you.

Superlative advice and guidance


I would like to comment on the superlative advice and guidance you provided. It was exceptional, providing me with all the knowledge I needed to confidently purchase my bike. Your fitter's expertise and enthusiasm for cycling is brilliant.

I’d also like to say that I love the underlying proposition of your business. As soon as you explained that a bike needs to perfectly fit the rider, I was hooked into buying my bike from Bespoke. Up until then, I had thought Bespoke was just a super-premium bike shop.

Recommend you to all that I can


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know just how amazing my experience of your company has been. From the very first moment I called to arrange a fitting, to the forth or fifth time I visited today, I have been met with nothing but friendly, passionate, professional staff members.

Paul in the workshop deserves special mention for how accommodating and skilful he has been when conducting works on my bike. He is a credit to your top notch team.

It really is quite something the level of customer service and the atmosphere you have in the Farringdon store. Days off work and a 120 mile round trip feels like a pleasure compared to the local bike shops I have on offer.

It's true, you get what you pay for! I will be returning for all my cycling needs in future and will recommend you to all that I can. Best of luck with the new stores!

I learned a great deal


Sincerely, thank you...

I really enjoyed the experience and I learned a great deal.

The passion you demonstrate is infectious and your knowledge is top class.

I should have done this long ago


Thank you for the fitting session. I am very pleased with the changes, they even improved things I was never expecting.
I instantly got used to the foot beds and the cleat shim. The lower saddle position still feels a bit strange but I already noticed some benefits: I
don't have any pain any longer, which was my biggest problem. I am also surprised that I no longer feel back pain or suffer with potholes, which I thought was the norm.
It is so much more comfortable and exciting to ride, I should have done this long ago. I am convinced that the pedalling technique and the body fit sessions will be very very useful and I am planning to do them at the first opportunity.

Just Do It


I really enjoyed the fitting, which I should obviously have done 5 years ago. I learned a great deal in 2 hours, it was an excellent service.

Terrific Value


The new bike set up has been quite amazing in terms of the times I’ve been managing to shave from a typical ride - 6 or 7% in most cases. The bike fit is not just about the bike. I found the tips on stretching, how to sit and general posture when standing to be equally as helpful. Thanks to you I now tend to correct my kicked out right foot a lot more when standing. The bike fit itself was terrific value for money in my opinion. I was with you for close to 3 hours and as an ex pro cyclist you are a great resource for a novice like me. I’ve spoken to numerous friends about the experience and could not recommend it highly enough. As a final point to add I think it serves as a great platform for going on to buy a competition bike where expert advice is not to be overlooked. I’ll be down again for that day with a big grin on my face.

Extremely Happy


I'm extremely happy with the bike. Please pass on my thanks to the team at the Farringdon store; the bike has been a revelation. Huge thanks to Nigel in particular for putting together such an excellent fit.



Everyone has been phenomenal. Mark has great taste in equipment and got exactly what I was looking for at the right price. Nigel got me some great advice for the right posture - I got back from a 4hr ride and felt great! I also have to thank Paul and Norbert for their talent in mechanics.

You have a solid team at Bespoke cycling, which puts a smile on my face every time I walk in.

Thank you again!

Expert Fitting


Thanks for your expert fitting and for fitting the Speedplay cleats and pedals,  (they are much better than SPDs!), and with you, I’ve achieved a trouble free transition. I managed to drop all the club cyclists on the fast straight in Shepperton last night so I think my technique is getting better already!

The whole experience


This was for me not just to buy my dream bike, but the whole experience.

I have never had this kind of level of service before. You should be proud of your shop and staff.

Goes like the wind!


Thanks for the follow up. In short the Parlee ESX is amazing. I took it out for the inaugural ride at the weekend and it goes like the wind.
I just need to up my standard to match the caliber of the machine!

Enamored with the nuances of road cycling


While on a short visit to London from the USA my di2 shifters were causing major problems and I called Bespoke for help on a Saturday morning. From the moment the call was answered to the time when I departed from the shop a couple of hours later with all my problems solved, the entire Bespoke staff was as friendly, as knowledgeable, as straightforward and as enamored with the nuances of road cycling as any store I have ever encountered.

Blown Away


Just a short note to say I took the Parlee out for the first time this weekend and was completely blown away. I often read articles talking about the virtues of one bike's handling or another's comfort, but had never really experienced what they meant. Moving up from a Roubaix Pro to the Lynskey a few years back was a definite improvement but not earth-shattering. Moving to the Parlee is truly amazing. Never ridden anything that good, or even close.

It handles so perfectly it’s almost untrue


Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much for all your assistance with my bike fit and subsequent purchase of the Altum R frame. The service was totally ace from start to finish and having finished the build last week I’m absolutely thrilled with the bike; it’s exactly what I wanted in terms of looks (subtle) and performance and it rides and handles so perfectly it’s almost untrue - it really is a total joy to ride. It was all fascinating and very, very useful. I was on the bike last night and the aero position is immense!! All the data you gave me has also enabled me to make an informed decision on which Tri bikes would suit my ideal set up, and the advice and exercises targeting my areas of weakness will prove as valuable in the future. Thank you.

Anyway thanks again for making everything so easy, not to mention quick, friendly and efficient, and very best of luck with the Bespoke empire.

Absolutely Amazing


The guys at Canary Wharf, especially Mark and Alessio, were absolutely amazing. I was recommended to them by a colleague without much idea on what I was looking for (as I was coming into cycling from rowing), or why they might be better than the usual bike stores. But I quickly found out, as the fitting process is an extremely scientific process (other stores didn't even attempt to guesstimate my frame size). I felt this was particularly important if you don't know what a road bike "should" feel like when set up correctly, but is generally important for anyone who wants to spend a lot of time on a bike and wants to avoid injury. The whole fit / purchase / accessories experience was really enjoyable from start to finish; everything happened when they said it would happen, and they went out of their way to advise on the most suitable accessories and order in stock to facilitate trying multiple options. Couldn't be happier with the end result. Will definitely be going back for regular servicing, advice and recommending to friends and colleagues.

Way ahead of any other bike shop


I got my bike on Friday and I thought you might like some feedback on Bespoke. The service from start to finish was exemplary, nothing was ever too much trouble and they certainly went the extra mile. They are also way ahead of any other bike shop I have dealt with in recent years.

Not that I need another bike but they are certainly my go to shop now.

the results are better than I could have ever expected


I picked up my Parlee yesterday and wanted to drop you a line to thank all of the Bespoke team for all their help (in particular James, Nigel, Ben, Andy and Mark).

The whole experience of buying the bike has been an absolute pleasure and the results are better than I could have ever expected.

I've only been out on her once so far but the bike itself is absolutely stunning, both in looks and handling. The only question I have is why I didn't get one sooner...

Truly glorious


Not sure if it's the frame, or a combination of the frame, wheels and nice tyres after a winter of the other bike, but it felt glorious. Truly glorious. Like a bike should feel. Bit lighter on the front end that the argon, but didn't feel any issues descending. It climbed like a monster tho!

Fit felt ok. Bit longer stretch, but by the end of the ride, I didn't notice it. Managed 105km on Sunday – going to give it a blast up in Yorkshire next weekend through the moors. Hopefully not too windy!

Wow...What a bike


Wow….. What a bike! It’s quite literally amazing. I was expecting a 10% - 15% improvement over my old bike…. It was in the magnitude of 60%-80%. Outstanding.

Beautiful shifting and running, compliant and comfortable frame but so light and responsive. It was as glorious a ride as I have ever had.

Thank you, for an amazing bike. It’s an excellent machine, it’s made me super excited about the Deloitte RAB, and it brought joy back to turning my pedals over.

I appreciate your partnership on what has been an elongated journey.

The recipe of good service...


The recipe of good service ultimately comes down to two ingredients; a great product and a great experience. I was recommend to Bespoke Cycling by my coach and the referral completely lived up to expectations. I came to Mark Todd and the team at Bespoke Cycling’s Jermyn Street store with some ideas but completely open minded. The bike set up experience with Mark was both informative and enjoyable. I was guided through the test and set up sessions with efficiency and patience, being allowed time to question and debate. Mark and the team clearly knew their stuff but never complicated the detail given my amateur status. As such by the time we made my bike choice I felt more than comfortable, and was excited to soon meet the new toy. When picking up the finished article within the expected build timeframe, I was reassured in relation to potential aftercare. So thanks to Bespoke Cycling for the product but as importantly a super experience. I’ll certainly be recommending you to others.

- Adam Bloch | CEO fdu | www.du-group.com | @fdu_group

Super Happy


As Cav would say... I'm "super happy" with the bike. Did 40 miles on Saturday followed by a 100 mile sportive on Sunday and it was fantastic. Nigel did a great job with my original fit - I was able to spend a lot of time comfortably in the drops, which I have never been able to achieve on previous bikes. The workmanship on the frame is 'as expected' i.e. superb. I'm really pleased with how it looks. In terms of ride quality, it is everything I hoped and expected it would be. Over some pretty rough roads it felt smooth and comfortable and fast (I managed to finish 10th out of 190 on Sunday - not bad for an old guy!). The Enve's are a superb wheelset - I had no problems with gusts / cross winds whatsoever. Finally Dura Ace Di2...first time using electronic shifting, what a revelation, I found myself shifting much more frequently which I'm sure contributed to a higher average speed than normal.

Thanks to you, all the team at Bespoke and Tom and the team at Parlee. One very happy customer.



Went for my first ride on the new bike last weekend and it is simply awesome! Set a new PB by over a minute on one of the local climbs.

You guys have been superb. Thanks for all the support and advice, I will actively be recommending Bespoke to all my cycling mates here.

Great service and attention to detail


Please pass on my appreciation to everyone at Bespoke for the great service and attention to detail.

Barry was correct, the Supersix is a great bike with good handling and fantastic brakes. So, an excellent recommendation.

Not as sensational as the Specialissima (which accelerates like a time machine) but I know which one I would rather be on during a wet greasy descent on Dartmoor…

Passion, enthusiasm and genuine customer care


Many organizations would kill to have the passion, enthusiasm and genuine customer care shown by your team. You can be sure I will be spreading this in social media!

Don't ever lose your magic!