Parlee make the world's finest carbon frames. We're proud to be the world's leading Parlee dealer, hosting the worldwide launches of both the Z-Zero and the ESX. With over 10 years experience working together, Bespoke Cycling are Parlee experts.

Parlee's engineering expertise shines through in the quality of their bikes - made with precision and with unrivalled handling. Why follow the crowd when you can own a precision-made carbon frame in the paintscheme of your choice?

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Beverly, Massachusetts, USA

Number of employees

18 (Bob, Isabel, Tom, Ben, Jared, Bill, Brian, Rommel, Jim, Brandon, Ilene, Doctor John, Stella, Cody, Lil'John, Pat, Jessica, Jared)26 (Tom Rodi, Bob, Isabel, Ilene, Tom, Rommel, Brian, Cody, Jessica, Dr. Lappen, Jared,Derek, Ian W., Ian P., Chris, Rudi, Sebastian, McKenzy, Bonnie, Wade, Alex, Michael, Brandon, Mark, Ben, Bill, Chris H.)

Materials used

Carbon, carbon and more carbon

Areas of excellence

Road, Track, Triathlon and TT


"It is, without question, the finest road machine I have ever ridden... the end result is simply perfect" Bicycling

From their factory just outside Boston, USA, Parlee work exclusively with carbon fibre to produce some of the finest bikes in the world.

As always at Bespoke we start with a full bike fit, and this enables us to find the perfectly sized frame for you. Each model is available in a wide range of sizes, and the Z-series and TTiR are available in full custom geometry if required.

When it comes to paint options, your wish is our command. From understated waxed finishes that show the grain of the carbon weave, through coloured panels to full custom paintschemes, let your imagination run wild. We have paint chips in-store to show the stock colours, and a selection of display bikes to show the quality of their workmanship. Before you order we can create a personal paint sketch for you, showing exactly the options you've chosen.

Your new Parlee can be with you sooner than you might expect. We deal direct with Parlee, cutting out the middleman, and stock colours will usually be with us within a couple of weeks. Even full custom bikes are typically delivered in around 5 weeks. Every Parlee frame comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. 

We can provide framesets on their own, or build a complete bike to suit your personal preferences and budget. Contact us for a no-obligation quote for the bike of your dreams.

”The frames that didn’t pass muster at Parlee would be accepted as good work in many other factories... It’s insane that Parlee might be throwing away better bikes than most people are actually riding” Pezcyclingnews

Parlee Altum

The lightest of the Altum range (just 750g frame/280g fork). Raceworthy stiffness with a smooth ride.

Altum Disc

Parlee Altum Disc

Parlee's Altum Disc adds the versatility of disc brakes to the Altum range. Clearance for wider tyres and the all conditions stopping power of discs opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

TTiR Disc

Parlee TTiR Disc

The all-new TTiR Disc turns braking into a positive force.


Parlee Z-Zero

The Parlee Z-Zero is 100% made to order, a full custom fit, custom tuned, cutting edge race bike.

Every bike at this end of the range is good these days; they're all fast, all light and all stiff. The Z-Zero had all that in spades but still was something extra.

It edged the bar a little higher...On the descents we rated it as one of the more neutral handling machines, quick to change direction, light of foot but with enough stability to give confidence when reaching over 40mph.

In a year that saw us ride some unbelievable bikes, the Parlee Z-Zero custom stood out as something very special. With a price of around £7,000 for the frameset alone, you would expect it to perform well, and it does.

But the Z-Zero isn't just about stiffness or weight. It lives in a different world entirely, and for that reason, we gave it a perfect 10.

- Cycling Weekly, 'Bikes of the Year' 2014

Z-Zero Disc

Parlee Z-Zero Disc

The Z-Zero Disc is 100% made to order, with the optimum performance characteristics and technical requirements perfectly met for each individual rider.


Parlee Chebacco

The Chebacco: One bike. Endless possibilities.

Z-Zero XD

Parlee Z-Zero XD

Custom built for adventure.


Parlee ESX

Parlee's most radical frameset, the ESX. The ESX gives you aero advantage and comfort combined.

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