We believe that a bike fit is the best investment you can make in cycling

It's as simple as that. We truly believe that a bike fit is the best investment you can make in cycling, and that every cyclist will benefit from a bike fit.

Every bike we sell starts with a bike fit, whether commuting, racing or anything in between. If building a custom bike this ensures that the frameset and all the contact points are perfectly sized. If it's an off-the-peg bike then we'll change whatever is necessary (handlebars, stem, seatpost, even saddle) to ensure the perfect fit - and at no extra cost.
Already have a bike? We feel that the investment you make in a bike fitting is probably the single best improvement you can make in your cycling efficiency, comfort, performance and, ultimately, enjoyment.

Far too often shops try to force square pegs into round holes and as such it's the rider who is expected to accommodate the bike. The whole point of bike fitting is to flip that on its head - we get the bike to fit you. To do that we need to understand you, your body, your cycling history and your cycling goals. We also understand that the body does not exist in a vacuum - it's a dynamic thing and you will gain and/or lose weight, fitness, core strength and flexibility over time. So a bike fitting needs to understand that your position may also evolve over time.

Bike fit options


Features Existing Bike Fit New bike fit and consultation Essential new bike fit
RIDER INTERVIEW discuss your injury history, physical complaints while riding, riding experience and goals.
3D mapping one of the tools we use is a Retül Müve jig to calculate your optimum position. Our expert interpretation of of this data enables us to identify the best bike for your individual needs.
Postural and movement assessment identify any tightness, weaknesses and structural asymmetries. This may highlight further areas that can be improved with dedicated physiotherapy, pedaling technique or cycling strength and conditioning sessions.
Additional positions assess and adjust the cleat position, footbeds, shoes size and shape, saddle position, handlebar and grip position.
Model recommendations at the end of the fit we will recommend specific models which will suit you best, and any adaptations required to make them fit perfectly. This is done using our very own proprietary app.
Credited cost you can use the fit measurements to buy a bike anywhere, but the price of the fit will be credited in full if you subsequently order a bike from us.
Adjustments and advice if you need to change your bars, stem, seatpost, saddle or any other components to achieve the perfect position we will advise on the most suitable options, and keep a wide range in stock to suit all budgets.
Personalised adjustments when you buy your bike from us we will make all the necessary adjustments to ensure it fits you perfectly, including swapping the stock stem, seatpost, handlebars and saddle for the ideal size, if required, at no extra charge.
Retül Zinn scan when the fitting is finished, the final position is scanned with the Retül Zinn tool and a PDF document with the measurements is produced for you to keep. We will also keep your details on record.
Ongoing support the cost covers the initial in-store session, plus unlimited email/phone, support.
Streamlined session this fitting ensures you will still benefit from our skills and experience, but with just the core elements needed to keep you comfortable and injury free.

Enhance your fitting

Custom footbeds

We will assess whether you’d benefit from custom footbeds (insoles) as part of the bike fit process. But we also offer this as a separate, stand-alone service. A footbed fitting session comes complete with one set of footbeds, including assessment, moulding and fitting. Your footbeds will be ready to take away at the end of the session. Just bring along your shoes to ensure a perfect fit.


Duration: 15mins

Cleat alignment

We look at shoe cleat alignment as part of the bike fit process, and will make any necessary adjustments (except for the 1-hour basic fit). However, we also offer this as a separate service, ideal if you’re changing to a different brand of pedals or buying new shoes. NB: Cleat alignment is only available to customers who have already had a bike fit with us at Bespoke.


Duration: 30mins

Follow up fit

As you get fitter and more flexible, your position needs to evolve to support the faster, stronger you. We suggest that everyone has a follow up fit every 6 months to optimise their position. NB: The Follow Up fit is only available to customers who have already had a bike fit with us at Bespoke.


Duration: 1hr

Foot consultation

A foot consultation provides a complete solution when purchasing cycling shoes. The mechanics of the foot are incredibly complicated and unique to each individual. A foot consultation starts with an assessment to understand the structure and function of the foot. Next, a set of new shoes with the correct size and shape is selected. This shoe is then modified with stock or custom insoles and wedges to support the individuals specific requirements. Finally the cleat is positioned with any shims and wedges to work with the unique biomechanics. This is far more than trying on shoes: this is a foot consultation. Refundable against shoes purchased during the session. Price does not include shoes, cleats or footbeds.


Duration: 1hr