Bespoke Cycling Bike Selector

Don't compromise with off the shelf This is new way to buy a bike online

Buying a road bike online can get complicated - size options, integrated cockpits, numerous component choices, plus not the mention assembly, gear and brake setup and swapping components to suit your fit data once it arrives.

The Bespoke Cycling Bike Selector online portal is a new way to buy the perfectly fitted bike online.

For over a decade we have been purveyors of bike fit prior to the purchase. It's incredibly difficult for any shop to accurately advise on new bikes options without bike fit data. Sizing guides or height charts are not accurate enough for modern road bikes, and buying 'off the shelf' from a warehouse and then adjusting yourself at home is less accurate, overly-complicated and time-consuming, especially when parts need to swapped to suit fit data.

Our Bike Selector portal was born from an idea that our clients should be able to buy a bike remotely, using their fit data, and have it arrive to their house perfectly adjusted and setup to their fit data.

Bespoke Cycling Bike Selector is live on our website now - watch the video below to see the features in action, then head to our site plug in your data or select your current bike and you're on your way to finding a new bike, purchased online, perfectly fitted.