A Unique Bike Fit Solution

"Wayne is an inspiring para-athlete. A childhood accident left him with one arm four inches shorter than the other and the loss of function in his hand. However, I have never met a rider with as much of a can-do attitude as Wayne. Our first project together was a road bike that allowed the activation of both brakes through one lever. After one test ride, Wayne took the bike out to Italy and completed the Maratona des Dolomites. He has now set his sights on competing at the World Masters Track Championships in Manchester.

Wayne's unique fit requirements demand a unique fit solution. The difference in arm lengths require two different bars at different heights. Due to the fact that he is unable to grip with his right hand, an additional support allows him to control the bike with his forearm. In terms of "Bespoke" fit, this is the most unique we've had the honour of working on"

-Ben Hallam, Head Fitter.

You can see the full build on our Build Gallery HERE .