At home in Gresham Street

A big thanks to everyone that helped make our first week in Gresham Street such a good one. Moving home is never easy but we are are all settled in now. It's very exciting to be in new premises at such a great location but with so many familiar faces.

We have a lot of windows in the new store...

Taken from the mezzanine, just outside the main fit studio. It's only a 3rd cat climb, but the view is lovely.

Since most of The City is medieval in it's layout, things can be confusing. Our address is 30 Gresham Street but our entrance is on the corner of Milk Street and Russia Row. It's quirky but that's medieval town planners for you.

We currently have the exclusive on David Millar's Chpt./// range, made by Castelli. You should see all the Gabbas we have too! Assos also in shot.