Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel at Bespoke Cycling

If you are moving forward on a bicycle, aerodynamics are critical.

Studies have shown that when travelling at speeds over 8 mph, aerodynamic drag outweighs rolling resistance. At speeds of 20 mph and above, 90% of a cyclist's effort is spent overcoming aerodynamic drag (cdA), with 30% of a cyclist's cdA due to the bike and 70% due to the cyclists body. This tell us that substantial gains in performance can be made by reducing frontal area and optimising riding position.

Bioracer Virtual Wind Tunnel, now available at Bespoke Cycling, London, offers us the ability to fine tune your bike position to reduce cdA and improve performance. The Bioracer system measures your frontal area and hypothetical speed it takes to maintain this position. You'll then be coached by a bike fitter in differing positions to reduce frontal area, with real-time feedback on the speed, time and wattage effects. Not only can we optimise your position on the bike to reduce cdA, we can also test various products (such as helmets) to identify the fastest equipment available to you.

Bioracer Sessions are available now at Bespoke Cycling. The sessions length is 60 minutes and costs £150*.

Interested? Please contact us to book or for further details.

*Only available to customers who have previously had a new or existing bike fit here at Bespoke Cycling.


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