At the recent Rouleur Classic event in London there were two clear themes emerging amongst the array of stunning world-class bikes; gravel and e-bikes (and sometimes both together).

E-bikes in particular are going through a seismic shift, from being primarily a niche product aimed at recreational riders to becoming a viable part of the cycling enthusiast's armoury.

What we're seeing now is an increasing range of performance road bikes that use an integrated motor to add range and support training, without adding excess weight or drag.

We talk about this in more detail in our e-bike overview blog, but one thing that was instantly apparent as we browsed the bikes at the show was that hub-based motors (as opposed to those built into the bottom bracket) are an incredibly sleek and almost invisible option for adding power.

With this in mind it's perhaps no surprise that Cannondale have gone the hub-motor route for their brand new performance road e-bike, the newly announced SuperSix EVO Neo:

The new bike takes the geometry and lightweight, aero-optimised carbon frame from the existing SuperSix EVO and adds a motor incorporated neatly within the rear hub. A battery is hidden inside the frame (the slightly larger down tube is one of the few visual cues that indicate the e-bike model).

Cannondale are at pains to emphasise that the SuperSix is a fast bike without taking the motor into account - those aero tube shapes will be useful as you go beyond the limits of power assistance. It's also light enough (at well under 12kg in most guises) that the motor won't be a hindrance when not in use.

So, the motor isn't there to give a speed boost, it's there to enable longer rides, help get you home after a hard day's training, get you out and about even during recovery periods.

The range:

There are three models in the SuperSix EVO Neo range for 2020.

All feature the same lightweight carbon frameset, using the BallisTec carbon found on the existing SuperSix EVO, and come equipped with the same neatly integrated MAHLE ebikemotion X35 250Wh rear hub motor.

The Shimano 105-equipped EVO Neo 3 comes in at £3599.99.

The Ultegra-level EVO Neo 2 is £4999.99.

The range-topping EVO Neo 1 features Dura-Ace Di2 and Cannondale's highly regarded HollowGram 45 KNØT carbon wheelset for £7999.99.

Given the technology on offer here, and the proven quality and performance of the SuperSix EVO, those are some pretty attractive prices. The price delta between the e-bike and conventional models has shrunk considerably, and we expect to see a lot of interest in these new models. We look forward to getting one on test soon!

Intrigued by e-bikes? We can talk you through the options available, and of course ensure the perfect fit (every bit as important on an e-bike as on any other). Get in touch!