Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod Review

The Team Barry DS fully approved of the SuperSix...

In preparation for my return to the world of sportives with the Etape London, CSG (importers of Cannondale) were kind enough to lend me a Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod bike. We sell a lot of them, and the fitters love them but I had never put the miles in on one myself.
First impressions are very positive - I am a sucker for level top tube bikes !
The thing was silly light - 7kgs with training wheels, in a 58 is pretty crazy.

I took the stock wheels off, and replaced them with the demo set of Mavic Cosmic Carbon Pros we have. These wheels are new for 2016 and have been a huge success. I think our demo conversion rate is 95% from test ride to purchase!

Mavic missed the wide rim boat a number of years ago. Whilst Bontrager, Zipp and especially Enve have popularised rims 25mm+ wide, the older Mavics were 19mm and looked very skinny. For 3 yrs they never changed and you could hardly give them away, but for 2016 they came back with a bang
They roll beautifully and carry speed well. They also stop really well - the braking surface is top notch.
I am old enough to remember when carbon wheels first came out and the killer USP was how light they are. Now, seven years later, carbon wheels are no lighter than before but they are more aero, they brake better and the heat dissipation is in a different world.
The Carbon Pros, like most of the Mavic wheels we sell, come with their own tyres, which are okay. They don't feel nearly as supple as something like a Vittoria Corsa Graphene + , or roll as well as the Conti GP4000sII (probably our favourite all round tyre).

A previous customer SuperSix build shown above, again with a Mavic upgrade. See more HERE.

As for the SuperSix Evo bike itself - loved, loved and loved.

Stiff but not harsh at all. One thing that was interesting was that this bike had aluminium bars and stem. I know I am spoilt from riding carbon cockpit all these years, but I did not like bars at all. They were too skinny, and over rough roads it felt a lot of vibration went through them.
Were I to make this bike my own I would put a Parlee cockpit on. I am now truly a convert for their 35mm over-sized bar system.

The bike had the mid-compact 52/36 cranks on; which I am a huge fan of. I also never left the big ring all day. OK, so it was Essex but still...

The 140g Fabric Alm, Barry's new favourite saddle.

The bike came with a Fabric saddle - the test reviews have all been very positive, but I had never tried one in the field. Saddle was great - so much so that I now have the £250 super light carbon Fabric Alm on my bike!

I think we will be offering a lot more Fabric saddles on our 'Bespoke builds'. They are just very, very comfy.

Apparel wise, I was rocking the Bespoke team edition kit made for us by POC. Gemma got me to try the Kask Protone helmet - which was a revelation. An aero(ish) helmet that was comfortable and you don't look a twat in….
Whats not to love?

Check out our Cannondale Demo Event on November 2nd.

"My Dad came 2nd to Chris Froome!"