Carbon Inspection Health Check

Whether we build, tune, repair bikes or replace parts in our workshop, your safety is always our priority. We are proud to introduce a new service for Carbon Inspection Health Check as a Trusted Partner of Carbon Bike Repair.

The introduction of carbon fibre to the industry enabled manufacturers to stretch the limits of bicycle design and create light and stiff frames that are a pleasure to ride. Carbon, however, is a brittle material and underneath the exceptional paint jobs lie complex structures.

During each major service we carry out on your bike, we carefully examine the frame, forks and wheels for defects, delamination and possible fractures. Now, as a Trusted Partner of Carbon Bike Repair, the industry leader in carbon and paint repair, we also offer to perform Carbon Inspection Health Checks. We investigate damages, check for stress and compression trauma, and will advise you on treatment of abrasion marks and paint chips and bike safety.

For this service, we start by completely stripping your bike and cleaning its parts preparing them for inspection. Then, using digital imaging tools and benefitting from over a decade's worth of experience, we inspect your bike. We check the depth of paint chips and abrasion marks, looking specifically for fractures in the carbon structures underneath. We look for stress or impact damages on your bike's frame, and most importantly on the forks. As a result, we are able to advise you on whether it is safe to keep riding your bike.

In case a defect is found, we transport your bike to Carbon Bike Repair's Surrey workshop where they take over to make the necessary repairs and apply the paint job. With this partnership, we achieve shorter lead times so you and your bike can be back on the road as quickly as possible. Health Checks are also available if your bike was involved in a crash or may have suffered transport damage.

Email or Whatsapp our office for further details on this specialist service or to book your bike in for one.