Donhou Cycles at Bespoke Cycling

Donhou Bicycles is a multi award winning frame building workshop based in east London. No stranger to connoisseurs, Donhou build some of the world's finest steel bicycles.

"We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the love and care that is taken to create each individual frame. Labouring over every process in the design, production and finishing stages we strive to make each frame as perfect as it can be." - Tom Donhou

'Signature Steel' is an exciting series of Donhou designed and built bicycles, offered in stock sizes, paint and geometry to accompany our custom builds. TIG welded as opposed to the fillet brazing of the custom builds, the 'Signature Steel' frames are built with the same precision and passion as the custom builds and wear the 'Signature Steel' badge.

If a long wait on a custom frame doesn't work for you, then 'Signature Steel' is a more accessible way to own a handcrafted Donhou bicycle with all the love, care and quality of craftsmanship that Donhou is known for.

Winner of the 2015 'Best Road Bike' Award at Bespoked UKHBS, the DSS1 is handcrafted performance steel at it's best.

Built for the purpose of all day road riding, this bike is comfortable and forgiving but very importantly remains a lot of fun to ride. It's quick yet stable, comfortable yet punchy, it will take the edge off that punishing climb and will blow your mind coming down… All the important factors that add up for an amazing ride.

The DSS1 is disc equipped for comfortable all weather, all season braking and is built from oversized Reynolds 853 Pro Team tubing. Reynolds 853 Pro Team is Reynold's highest quality, highest strength seamless air hardening steel, drawn to give an incredible ride while keeping minimal weight. Its heat treatment increases fatigue resistance, making it incredibly strong and impact resistant. We have custom selected the tube diameters, butt profiles and wall thicknesses to give the incredible ride of the DSS1.

The DSS1 is TIG welded and coupled with the excellent light weight and confidence inspiring ENVE Disc Road carbon fork.

At home on the tarmac, but built with detours off the beaten path in mind, the DSS2 will adapt to road, gravel or loaded touring - so all you have to do is choose the adventure.

Taking up to 35c tyres and benefitting from a relaxed road geometry that's optimal for long rides and gravel riding, the DSS2 is a go to road bike with the potential for a lot more. It rewards you on a Sunday ride, eats up commuting miles, smoothes out the gravel and then of course there are rack mounts should you want to add panniers for a weekend getaway or long-distance bike packing trip. Versatile and adaptable.

Tubing is Reynolds 853; Reynolds' highest quality, highest strength seamless air-hardening steel, coupled with the Wound Up Gravel fork. Wound Up forks are tried and tested and are held by many as the best riding fork on the market. You can think of a Wound Up fork in the same way you would a steel fork - designed to last a lifetime, so you can ride it with total confidence. Featuring filament wound carbon fibre construction it offers incredible stability, vibration dampening and torsional stiffness while still maintaining a low weight.

Bespoke are proud to be working with this young and iconic UK builder. Contact us now and book your fit for a Donhou.