One of the most exciting aspects of e-bikes is the way they open up new avenues of exploration for all cyclists. Here are just two recent stories that we wanted to share:

Bespoke Operations Director Liam and his wife Nicola are in the same boat as many of our customers - wanting to enjoy weekend expeditions together, but with differing degrees of cycling obsession:

Nicola says; "I think the things I really like about the Levo are: greater control with more power assist (especially off road), I definitely feel more confidence on the road too, as I can keep going at a certain pace with cars buzzing past and it's absolutely more fun riding both on my own and in a group!"

Nics got a new Levo last month and is loving it... I never thought I would hear the words 'It's too slow!' at 15mph on a bridleway!

Liam adds "The Levo really is a great leveller, and to be honest I'm made to work harder..." - and that's it in a nutshell, we've seen so many couples where an e-bike has revolutionised their joint rides. If your significant other doesn't devote so much time to riding an e-bike can close the gap, and rather than dragging them reluctantly along you can have your own personal motor-pacer leading the way!

It's more about empowerment than motor power, and anything that opens up cycling to as many people as possible can only be a good thing for the bike community as a whole.

Ultimately e-bikes are about maximising your enjoyment, and there's no better example than Dawn Stuart, seen here in Mallorca with her Colnago E64, perfectly fitted by us here at Bespoke:

"I'm loving the bike, absolutely smashing it up the hills here in Mallorca, and looking forward to giving it a thorough workout in Scotland. With two secondary batteries (bottle-cage mounted) I can always have one on charge as well as a spare for additional range."

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