Big savings on Bespoke Tested and Approved Bikes

The Bikes

A rare opportunity to pick up some top of the range superbikes with a hefty discount.

Only one of each available!

  • All bikes are 58cm frame size (just right for Barry, funnily enough!).
  • Lightly used, and immaculate condition.
  • Full Bespoke Deluxe Service before delivery, perfect mechanical condition, fresh bar tape.
  • If we have your fit details on file we will swap contact points (bar, stem, etc) as required for the perfect fit, at no extra cost.

More information on each bike can be found below. To purchase, or for further info, please email

The Background

Part of the job of selling the world's finest bikes is to really get to know them (yes, 'tough job', etc!). At this level there's really no such things as a "bad" bike, too much R&D, experience and race-testing goes into ensuring that they're all top performers. So it becomes a case of teasing out the subtle differences, the various strengths and weaknesses of different models.

For this reason we don't simply borrow a loaner from the manufacturer for a few days - we buy the bikes and give them a proper, independent test.

Much as we'd love to keep them all - once we've thoroughly explored their performance it's time for someone else to benefit, and for us to invest in the next batch of test bikes - so here they are: a trio of range-topping bikes, in nearly-new condition, at a considerable saving:

Trek Domane SLR 9 Disc - SOLD


This is the exact bike featured in our First Impressions ride in the Bespoke Blog, with just 500km on the clock.

A sportive bike that weighs less than 7.5kg - that's not to be sniffed at. And it's loaded with the best quality components: Full Di2 9170 Disc groupset and Aeolus 3 Carbon wheels, featuring DT Swiss hubs.

SRP £8000

SAVE £1500 - Now JUST £6500

It's incredibly compliant, but not soft. It responds very well to changes of pace and loves climbing. Handling is very stable - the slack head tube, low BB and long chainstays result in a bike that tracks beautifully.



This was Barry's ride on his Mallorca trip, and like the others is in absolutely mint condition. Read more about this incredible bike (which went on to win our Bike of the Year award) in our full review. Plus a look back at our First Impressions ride, here.

With just 2000km of use, this bike is in immaculate condition.

Dura-Ace Di2 9150 groupset, superb Roval CLX50 wheels (one of our absolute favourites) and a deluxe, super-low-friction CeramicSpeed bottom bracket, stiff and light S-Works carbon crank with Praxis chainrings.

SRP £8500

SAVE £2125 - Now £6375

My first ride was only meant to be an hour or so. By the time I had built the bike up it was 6.30pm so I did not have a huge amount of daylight left. But the more I rode it the more I enjoyed the bike, and I ended up being out for three hours and returned in pitch darkness without lights. It was worth it though…


One of the great race-ready climbers, this Emonda was featured in our First Impressions blog and has only been ridden for 750km.

We weighed it at just 5.8kg in this 58cm size.

Many more pictures of this exact bike are available in our Build Gallery

SRP £8500

SAVE £2125 - Now £6375

Climbing out of the saddle is just ridiculously easy. The lack of mass is very evident. It's also very stiff; feels very snappy indeed.
The Bontrager Aeolus wheels are very good - its criminal how undervalued these are in the market. They spin up very quickly and the DT hubs spin for ever. Often light bikes can feel quite 'whippy' but this is super stable. Descending and carving down corners is a dream.

The Bottom Line

Feeling tempted? Drop us an email to to place your order. We only have one of each of these bikes available at this price. UK and International shipping is available, or collection from our London stores.