Haute Route limited edition 3T Strada launched

If you're a fan of the Haute Route (and there's a lot to like) and the latest innovation in cycling, then this new 3T Strada Official Haute Route bike might be for you.

The Haute Route is a series of multi-day cycling events taking place in some of the best riding spots around the ride, with excellent organisation allowing you to focus on the riding. With full support, rolling road closures and timed stages, it's as close to feeling like a pro as it's going to get this side of a pro contract.

The 3-day events work well because you stay in the same hotel for the entire duration, so from a logistics point of view, it's really easy. Explaining a long weekend to the other half is also a lot easier than trying to blag a week off work/family commitments too!

Here at Bespoke, we're big fans of the format. Last year Barry and I rode the inaugural Haute Route Ventoux and had a blast, enjoying the stunning riding around and up the iconic mountain and were impressed by the level of riding, great camaraderie and slick organisation. We even got to ride with Frank Schleck!


It's an event that Barry and I spent ages debate what would be the ideal bike. He went with rim brakes and I with disc brakes, which was an interesting area of conversation. Gearing too was a bit topic. We still regularly debate what bike would be ideal for these events. In reality, the bike you own is the perfect bike.

It seems like Haute Route reckon the new 3T Strada is the ideal bike, as they have collaborated to produce a special edition bike. It's adorned with the striking new 3T Torno carbon fibre aero cranks and a THM cockpit, and it's all painted orange with a fade from front to rear. We're told it really 'pops' in the sunshine.

You can purchase the Strada Pro including a race entry fee for €5,000, or the Strada Team (a lighter frame) with entry and hotel accommodation for €7,800.

If you're interested and want to know more please do get in touch.